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ReapChain Project Progress Report

Hello, this is the REAPCHAIN project team.

2020 has already entered the second half.

During the first half of the year, the REAPCHAIN project has been steadily researched and developed, and finally completed the development of a lip chain network MVP, and is undergoing performance and stability testing.

In addition, thanks to the interest of many people in the first private sale, it ended with great success and is currently in the second sale.

We plan to share the progress of the project with you in the future and ask for your interest and participation in the network.

1. Technology development

  • ReapChain MVP implementation completed
  • Completion of automation tools for testing the performance and stability of ReapChain
  • ReapChain test net test case and scope selection completed

2. Events

  • Official Telegram AirDrop Event Completed

- 1st Official Community Open Quiz Event (490 participants / 115 draw)

- 2nd official community friend invitation, acrostic poem game event (621 participants / 100 entries, 10 friends invitation, 5 draws)

- 3rd official community dialogue king event (52 participants / 5 draw)

3. Main News

★ ReapChain Official Community






Partnership and Affiliation Inquiries:

Investment and Sale Inquiries:



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