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[Tech]ReapChain Protocol Overview

ReapChain proposes the following solution to overcome the previously stated limitations of existing blockchain, and to solve the problems regarding the processing a large amount of data generated from IoT devices and the security vulnerability occurred from unauthenticated IoT devices.

A new hybrid blockchain implemented by ReapChain, solves the trilemma of existing blockchains and enables an effective integration of ReapChain with IoT system by utilizing ReapChain BaaS.

The IoT system established through the ReapChain BaaS can block unpredictable transactions from unauthenticated IoT devices and process a large amount of transactions flexibly and efficiently.

ReapChain’s Shell-Core Structure integrates public blockchain with private blockchain. It places private blockchain with 3rd party consensus algorithm (proof of triple confirmation) on the outer layer, and public blockchain with double committee consensus algorithm (Proof of Double Committee) on the inner layer to resolve three problems of existing blockchains, the scalability, security, and decentralization at once. Shell-Core Structure makes ReapChain to integrate efficiently with IoT system.

The private key, the uique ID for each IoT device, generated by Reap SDK prevents illegal hacking or unauthorized access.

When transactions take place from Reap SDK technology applied IoT devices, only an approved personnel or a device can access to the IoT devices to which the Reap SDK is applied. When transactions take place, data forgery can be detected. As a result, the malfunction of management system or data transmissions errors can be avoided.

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