Repchain and Arti Project signed a business agreement for the NFT business.

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2 min readAug 18, 2022


Reapchain, an affiliate of LN Venture Group, announced that it had signed a business agreement for the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) business with Lydia’s NFT culture and art innovation project, Arti Project.

Based on Reapchain’s mainnet technology, this business agreement includes the contents of NFTizing, the IP asset contents owned by Arti Project, and collaborating to expand the NFT business in the future, such as the development of various blockchain services.

LN Venture Group provides advanced blockchain services that can be applied to real life through ReapPay, a fintech platform development subsidiary, YL Solution, a company specializing in sales management scraping, and Meta Mafia an NFT market platform.

In particular, affiliated private chains were recently listed as an innovation area project by the global virtual asset exchange MEXC.

Lydia’s Arti Project is Hooranky b. It is a cultural art digital innovation project jointly promoted by the Foundation, Lidya Collection, and GMCK.

LN Venture Group CEO Junghan Lee said, “I am delighted to have Lydia’s Arti Project participate in the blockchain mainnet ecosystem of the affiliate Reapchain. We will contribute to revitalizing the NFT culture and arts industry through active service development.”

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