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[Tech]Selection of Coordinator and Executive Committee

The ReapChain uses unpredictable, unbiased, and numerically unrelated quantum random numbers to fairly determine the standing committee coordinator and the steering committee candidates amongst the general nodes. Qmanager uses quantum random numbers to provide a candidate group for determining the steering committee candidates, by unknowing which nodes become the actual candidates. The steering committee is determined every moment on the network through the racing of candidates to ensure its integrity.

Quantum random numbers encrypted by using the public key of each node in the steering committee candidate group selected through the quantum random number and distributed on the blockchain network, but only the nodes selected as the steering committee candidate group can decrypt and verify the quantum random numbers by using the private key.

The decrypted contents include the public key and information of the coordinator selected by using the quantum random number amongst the standing nodes. The steering committee candidates use this information and start racing to the coordinator. The coordinator compares the quantum random numbers for each node of the steering committee candidate group, previously received from Qmanager, to check the integrity of the selected candidate group.

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