K-pop star Yoon Ji-sung joins the METACOOP community NFT market platform ‘MetaMAFIA’.

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2 min readJan 5, 2023


METACOOP’s own NFT market platform, MetaMAFIA, announced on the 5th that it would carry out an NFT project with singer Yoon Ji-sung from Wanna One.

Officially launched on January 2nd, MetaMAFIA is an NFT market platform created by concentrating on the know-how and technology possessed by METACOOP and Reapchain. It is an image-type non-fungible token designed to enable NFT card issuance and transaction, community operation, and mining by the cartel. (PFP NFT) project.

K-pop star Yoon Ji-sung, who participated in MetaMAFIA’s NFT project, participated in the Mnet survival program ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ and made his Wanna One debut in 8th place. After his Wanna One activities ended, he became active as a solo singer, and she released her new digital single album ‘December. 24’ was released.

A company official said, “Yoon Ji-sung’s NFT, which will be released through MetaMAFIA, will be minted and airdropped in March, and it is possible to acquire unique NFTs such as a certain percentage of Yoon Ji-sung’s actual autograph and special photos collaborated with famous photographers.”

In addition, with the membership function, users are given a rank within the community according to the number of possessions and can use differentiated benefits for each rank. In addition, various benefits such as a free fan meeting invitation lottery, 20% discount on NFT purchases, priority purchase of tickets for fan meetings hosted by MetaMAFIA, and discount coupons for MetaMAFIA goods can be provided.

Kim Woo-Jeong, CEO of METACOOP, said, “The identity of MetaMAFIA, which aims to build an innovative and differentiated NFT community ecosystem with artists who are gaining recognition in various age groups, is in line with the identity. We will provide services,” he said.

Source: https://www.newspim.com/news/view/20230104000729

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