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[Tech] Business Model — Applicable Fields

Hello! everyone! It’s a ReapChain! Today’s topic is the Business Model — Applicable Fields

4.2 Applicable Fields

ReapChain aims to provide a platform suitable for various IoT industry fields through ReapChainBaaS and build an integrated platform that can share and utilize data through interconnection and expansion among IoT industry ecosystem participants.

Smart logistics service through product history and tracking

Distribution/logistics companies utilizing ReapChainBaaS can optimize the stability, efficiency, and processing speed of the logistics system by collecting, analyzing, and sharing data from a series of processes such as shipping, gathering, transporting of goods, and accurate delivering to customers. Users are provided with transparent logistics and distribution information.

Manufacturers and distributors can grasp the information in the distribution/logistics process in real-time to provide final delivery information to the consumers and reduce unnecessary production through transaction information.

Step1. Product production and data input based on the TAG system with ReapSDK applied.

Step2. Continuous transmission and verification of product status data through the TAG system.

Step3. Transmission and verification of additional data such as location information in the entire distribution process and warehousing & forwarding records by ReapPlatform.

Step4. Reception and verification of reliable data on products purchased by users.

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ReapChain aims to establish a safe and transparent IoT ecosystem based on blockchain by utilizing the technology for the entire endto-end section of the IoT industry.

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