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[Tech]PoDC(Proof of Double Committee)

The consensus algorithms such as PoW(Proof of Work), PoS(Proof of Stake), DPoS(Delegated Proof of Stake), and BFT(Byzantine Fault Tolerance) used in blockchains have limitations regarding delayed consensus, energy-consuming hardware computing structure, centralization by limited delegates, and vulnerability to a 51% external attack.

To overcome such limitations, ReapChain developed a PoDC(Proof of Double Committee) consensus algorithm which improved DPoS and PBFT(Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) algorithm.

In the PoDC consensus algorithm, 14 standing committee nodes and 15 steering committee nodes randomly selected from general nodes using quantum random numbers participate in the consensus process.

Although the network is expanding as the number of participating node increases, only 29 nodes (14 standing committee nodes and 15 steering committee nodes) participate in the consensus process, maintaining the data processing speed of ReapChain. Of 29 nodes participating in the consensus process, the ratio of the steering committee nodes is maintained over 51% to ensure the fairness of the consensus process enabling decentralization.

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ReapChain aims to establish a safe and transparent IoT ecosystem based on blockchain by utilizing the technology for the entire endto-end section of the IoT industry.

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