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Starting with the IoT industry, ReapChain will realize a shared economy ecosystem in which blockchain-based DApp service providers and service users grow together through profit-sharing in industries such as FinTech and games.

Expanding the Platform Ecosystem into the Data Industry ‘Data Economy’ can be defined as the use of data as a catalyst for the development of other industries and the creation of new products and services. The concept of Data Economy is known to first appear in a 2011 report by The Gartner Group, an American IT research firm 7 Various players such as companies, individuals, and the public sector will generate massive data in real-time and utilize it at the same time.

Starting with the IoT industry, ReapChain will accomplish a blockchain-based data economy ecosystem that can share data generated and collected from various industries such as FinTech, games, distribution, and logistics on a single platform.

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