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BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) is a cloud computing platform that provides blockchain-based software development environment. Since ReapChain services are provided in the form of BaaS, it is easy and convenient to develop and operate blockchain-based services without new hardware adoption or architecture configuration.

ReapChainBaaS consists of ReapMiddleChain, ReapChain main net, and ReapSDK. ReapMiddleChain is responsible for real-time processing of DApp data and for linking with external modules.

ReapChain main net enables data security and decentralization. ReapSDK is a tool for developing blockchain services for different DApp service providers. It enables to implement various blockchain functions such as the creation of the smart contract, the transmission of the token, inquiry of block, etc. on the blockchain network without special knowledge of the blockchain.

ReapChain will apply its unique IoT security technology, PID of things to ReapChainBaaS to provide ReapChainBaaS to the IoT industry that has been selected as a priority industry. ReapChain will eventually expand service areas of ReapChainBaaS to other industries to prove the generality of the ReapChain protocol.

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