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The financial sector has changed its attitude, “Catch virtual assets!”

The financial sector, which was stingy and conservative about virtual assets, began to change. What is the reason for the change in their attitude toward ‘virtual assets,’ which they have been trying to ignore, devaluing them as just speculation?

The game changed with the advent of NFT.

The NFT craze, which swept through the IT industry, left an astonishing record of a 170-fold increase in transaction value. Due to the high interest in the industry and the public, NFT, which focused on games and digital art, expanded to the entertainment and fashion industries. It settled in the market and grew at an astonishing rate.

Resolving the uncertainty of existing virtual assets!

The status of virtual assets, which has been raised thanks to NFT, was enough to shake the mood of the financial sector. Even in the financial industry, which has been adhering to the position that Bitcoin and NFT (first) cannot be evaluated as assets, central banks are researching virtual assets (CBDC). In front of virtual assets (NFTs) that have proven their presence numerically, It is different from the ‘different from that and has come to express its will to embrace the virtual asset market that will be further developed through NFT. Of course, it is still a matter of some projects, so I drew a line. Still, commercial banks are also starting to investigate and research NFTs due to the temperature difference of the Financial Services Commission.

Regarding this, an official in the financial sector predicted that virtual assets (NFTs) with high versatility and reliability are expected to grow as the foundation and core of the digital economy, and evaluated that it is sufficient to be used as a new food for the financial sector such as banks in the future. But, of course, it cannot be interpreted as a comprehensive meaning of all virtual assets. Still, since NFTs and Bitcoin, rooted in blockchain, are destined to go together anyway, the wind of change is expected to spread throughout the virtual asset market shortly.

Lastly, ReapChain’s advanced blockchain technology is also in progress with its affiliate ReapPay. I look forward to being actively used in NFT projects and leading and developing the industry and the market.

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