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[Weekly News] the 4th week of Sep.

Hello! This is Reapchain.
Let’s learn about the hottest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news in the 4th week of September!

California governor vetoes cryptocurrency regulation bill.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has vetoed a new bill requiring crypto companies to license them, foreign media reported. According to the report, Governor Newsom said he exercised his veto power “because it is still too early to make it mandatory to obtain a license and because federal laws and regulations may change in the future.” The California State Legislature recently passed the Digital Financial Assets Law. This is similar to New York’s BitLicense system, which took effect in 2015. In addition to the licensing obligation, it states that stablecoins can only be issued with permission from the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

Epic Games CEO “Apple’s In-App Payment Fee Increase, Killing the NFT Market.”

As Apple recently increased its app store and in-app purchase rates in Asia and Europe, Tim Sweeney, CEO of US game developer Epic Games, tweeted, “Apple is killing the non-taxable NFT mobile app business. Instead, it’s hitting a new technology that has the potential to rival the costly (Apple’s) in-app payment service. “Apple has to stop doing this.”

Brad Garlinghouse: SEC lawsuit will end without formal trial

In a recent interview with Fox Business, Ripple (XRP) CEO Brad Garlinghouse said, “The SEC and Ripple’s ‘unregistered securities sale’ lawsuit will not go to a jury verdict and will be decided by a judge. will,” he analyzed. “I don’t think the case will go to trial because there is enough evidence to make a decision,” Garlinghouse said. It was reported that Ripple and the SEC had recently filed for a summary judgment in the New York District Court.

Analysis “August cryptocurrency liquidation volume decreased by 50% compared to June… BTC volatility↓.”

Cryptocurrency data platform Messari tweeted, “In August, the liquidation amount of long positions in cryptocurrencies was $5 billion, which was half the amount in June ($0.8 billion). The amount of liquidation for short positions in August also decreased significantly to $3.5 billion from June ($6.6 billion). This is because Bitcoin volatility has decreased.”


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