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YL Solution, Delion Group establishes a smart management environment for small and medium-sized businesses

YL Solution, a company specializing in sales management scraping, announced on the 28th that it had signed a business agreement with Delion Group, a company specializing in big data-based delivery platforms, to establish an efficient business environment for small and medium-sized businesses.

This business agreement aims to innovatively develop the store operating environment for small business owners by providing the sales notification and fast deposit service possessed by YL Solution to the store secretary platform of the Delion Group, and expand and operate various convenience services based on this. contains

YL Solution has previously launched ‘Tomorrow Dream Service’, a small business sales data analysis platform to which the security module scraping API technology is applied. It is evaluated that the settlement period, authentication and security issues pointed out as problems with delivery applications have been significantly improved through the use of blockchain.

The Delion Group has been at the forefront of establishing and activating smart city delivery zones as a service provider of the operator-only platform ‘Store Booklet’ and the transportation sharing platform ‘Tabayo’.

Jung Min-gyu, CEO of YL Solution, said, “Through the partnership between Tomorrow Dream Service and the store secretary, it is expected that we will be able to create a stable business environment for small and medium-sized businesses. We will build smart services that can provide practical help to businesses during difficult times due to COVID-19.”

Lim Dae-yong, CEO of Delion Group, said, “If the strengths of Tomorrow Dream Service are applied to store assistants with various services, it will be possible to provide a more differentiated management environment. Through this agreement, we hope that the inconvenience of small and medium-sized businesses will be resolved and the satisfaction level will be increased.”

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