[News]YL Solution, TilkoBlet and ReapChain signed MOU to strengthen ‘Tomorrow Dream Service’

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3 min readMay 1, 2021


YL Solution(a scraping technology company), TilkoBlet(security module API company)and ReapChain signed MOU for the sales data analysis platform ‘Tomorrow Dream Service’ for local business owners, announced on the 29th. This is an agreement to expand service items and strengthen security.

Major officials of each company attended the agreement ceremony held at ReapChain Seoul office on the 28th, including YL Solution CEO Jung Min-gyu, TilkoBlet CEO Son Jeong-min, and ReapChain Lee Jung-han.

This agreement is meaningful in continually improving and developing the settlement period, authentication and security enhancements that have been pointed out as problems with delivery applications.

‘Tomorrow Dream Service’, which is expected to be officially launched in May, is expected to apply advanced technology such as security module scraping API technology application; service expansion and sales and commercial analysis through e-commerce API technology; authentication and security enhancement using blockchain to be.

TilkoBlet is a company that provides self-development, data processing, and relay services for big data scraping, and recently acquired a domestic patent for the ‘electronic authentication process agency service system’. ReapChain, which will support blockchain technology, is continuing its widespread movement by entering various business areas such as IoT (Internet of Things), digital asset field (DABS), simple payment service, and online voting.

Jeong Min-gyu, CEO of YL Solutions, said, “I am pleased to sign a three-way agreement with TilkoBlet and ReapChain, which are evaluated as small and medium-sized companies in each field.” He also revealed his aspirations, “We will make it a sales data analysis platform that can be a reasonable alternative to small business owners who are struggling with the prolonged Covid19.”

“This strategic business agreement is the beginning of continuous partnership building and synergy creation between the three companies,” said TilkoBlet, CEO Sohn Jeong-min. Like TilkoBlet’s moto, “Connecting Technology and Life,” the service of tomorrow’s dream service. We will cooperate to add convenience to sales management of small business owners by expanding items and strengthening security.”

Lee Jung-han, CEO of ReapChain “As the use of online platforms using mobile becomes more common, the need for security enhancement and authentication is emerging as a hot topic.” We look forward to being reborn as ‘Tomorrow Dream Service’ that can be used over and over.

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