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Bringing Minds Together — Bringing Blockchain Back to Users

Blockchains— were initially designed to be environments developed and run by users for other users in the spirit of decentralization, transparency, equality and fairness, has evolved into a profiteering market that encourages the predatory attitudes of the strong dominating the weak. Those with greater amounts of funds to spend are given unfair advantages in terms of pre-seed rounds, closed private sales, early investor bonuses and exuberant advantages for major providers of liquidity.

Over time, average users who are supposed to be the governing entities of blockchain networks become minority holders as the majority of project tokens are hoarded by large investors who ultimately turn into the owners and course-setters of project development. The solution to such a state of affairs is returning ownership of project development to the community through the development of a mechanism that fosters engagement in project evolution and creativity on the part of professionals who would be empowered to contribute and cooperate.

The value proposition of such a platform would be immense, as it would be capable of acting as a launchpad for promising projects, doing away with biased pre-seed, private sales rounds, and other preliminary fundraising events that distribute tokens in an unfair fashion based on contribution amounts. By becoming a hub of activity and cooperation for talented developers, programmers, creators and other individuals with value to offer to a project, such a fair launch platform could become the next, and true stage, of blockchain industry development, elevating it to a new level of market attention.

The reBaked platform is poised to become such a launchpad for a variety of projects by providing them with the tools, synergy, infrastructure, instrumentation panels, internal economics, and motivation necessary. The reBaked project offers a comprehensive system of intercommunication between individuals who will be able to launch projects and focus entirely on results that will be translated into the rewards participants receive based on their contributions.

By combining the resources of the community and tethering investor gains to developer input, reBaked will be shortening development cycles and diversifying the end results that communities work towards. With all reBaked users acting as observers, everyone involved will be able to have fully transparent access to information about every project’s development stages, including financing, allocation, the numbers of creators and their rates of progress.

All funding within the reBaked platform is based on an advanced economic model that involves all sponsor funds lent at fixed interest rates to development teams with collateral tokens from the protocol being issued in return. All the tokens distributed to early investors on reBaked are locked and liquidity is granted in the form of Wrapped Tokens that could be re-sold to investors to provide financial support to community members who need to cover daily financial needs.

The gradual incubation of projects on reBaked as DAOs will lead to complete control of all developments by the community, eliminating prejudice based on large token holdings. Instead of being driven by profiteering interests in the short term, investors of reBaked projects are granted discounted offerings with token holds of at least 6 months, leading them to take long positions and get involved in project traction.

The reBaked platform accrues value not only by being a launchpad that fosters community governance and project creation but also by being an active participant of the DeFi market. Those willing to stake their tokens will be able to receive non-inflationary rewards collected from the platform. All fees received from interest will be converted into Baked tokens and distributed in month-long epochs. In addition, only holders staking their tokens for three consecutive epochs will be allowed to participate in governance, thus ensuring that projects are managed only by community members who have a stake and interest in their development as end products.

The combination of communication, collaboration and tokenization of efforts on the reBaked platform guarantees that projects selecting it as their launchpad will be able to receive not only financial support based on investor confidence but also the involvement of professionals and like-minded individuals. In an age of blockchain development that requires refinement and fairness, the reBaked approach can become the go-to solution for meaningful project development.

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