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Fair Launch As a Method of Fostering Development

Though blockchain was designed to be a fully transparent and fair system for all of its participants, it has remained all but fair. The same issues of complete centralization in the real world that limit access and opportunities for the vast majority of people have also migrated into the decentralized environment. Those with more funds available can afford more, those with more resources can allow themselves to access higher entry threshold systems, and those with more tokens have a greater say in running the entire network by making sure that their shares do the talking for them.

The system of ICOs followed IEOs and then IDOs was flawed from the very beginning because its core concept revolves around the idea of profiteering and speculation. The preferences given to the investors with the highest resources to allocate to projects were unfair, as multiple early investor rounds, discounts, seed rounds and other specialized events resulted in an artificial decrease in available project tokens.

Such an economy that is based on profiteering and the predatory stripping of projects of their long-term value-generating capacities and development opportunities for short-term profits are an echo from the heydays of capitalism in the most monstrous traditions of the laissez-faire policy. The modern world should not and cannot afford to remain on such an economic structure, left its ultimately devolve into a dead-end of intellectual and individual development and put an end to the prospects of the rise of a new economy based on decentralization.

The fair launch approach was proposed as a counter to the flawed systems of the past and as a means of returning fairness to the blockchain economy. By relying on the simultaneous release of all project tokens to the community without any preferential seed or presale rounds for early investors, the fair launch token distribution method allows ensuring a fair price on all project assets and even entry thresholds for all market participants.

The Rebaked platform is taking full advantage of the fair launch principle by providing the entire blockchain community with a decentralized infrastructure and launchpad that allows talented individuals to band together on the basis of common goals and launch projects with full community and investor support.

Rebaked is all about encouraging the development of individual potential and abandoning the concept of the richest getting the tastiest morsels of innovation. Rebaked is based entirely on an economic model that tethers the value of project tokens to their eventual value as assets that represent a product’s or service’s demand on the market. The investors of projects launching on Rebaked can always be sure that they are engaging in long-term commitments that will be rewarded in accordance with their contributions and the results generated by the professionals creating innovations. The professionals themselves will also become stakeholders in full, as their efforts will be monetized indirect proportionality.

Rebaked gives back to blockchain what ICOs have taken away — the dignity of community governance that gives every member and stakeholder of a project an equal say in its development through voting mechanisms. The professionals involved in the Rebaked launchpad will be able to access vast networks of connections and like-minded individuals via convenient communication channels, allowing them to attract new members to their cause and monetize project development together.

The goal of Rebaked stretches well beyond creating a launchpad for monetization but revolves around catering for the development of a decentralized society that will have all the necessary instruments for guaranteeing its evolution in a social and economic sense. By combining the best elements of decentralized technologies and extracting the most profitable concepts of investments, Rebaked is creating a merger of human and technological potential, thus creating a singularity capable of becoming an example for the rest of the blockchain industry.

Only long-term goals can lead to success, as short-term profiteering dooms innovative ideas, bereaving society of the possibilities they could have generated as commonly shared, total aggregated value.

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