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Kala Network to crowd-launch through reBaked Pioneers

reBaked project is delighted to announce the latest incubation project of reBaked Pioneers- Kala Network. The Kala Network will be leveraging the capabilities of the Pioneers product as an infrastructure for scaling the social-backed Decentralized Exchange & Fundraising Platform.

The reBaked Pioneers ecosystem allows its participants to transform collaborators into stakeholders and promote meritocracy, and identify opportunities to join projects early and receive an allocation in the lowest valuation offered, thus unlocking extremely rewarding financial opportunities. Most importantly, the service will allow building a community of contributors, rather than passive investors, making it the environment of choice for those seeking long-term commitments.

Kala Network seeks to include investors, traders, followers, researchers, strategies providers, and anyone with similar interests. The mission of the project is to be the pioneer that creates a one-stop highly accessible SocialFi investment platform and lets the mass audience gain access to crypto investment and builds their wealth in a smart and functional way.

Kala Network aims to provide a platform where users can trade, fund and form communities concentrated on crypto investment thus creating a one-stop investment-centric platform. Among the features of the Kala Network is an investment pool that allows users to co-invest in projects. Project owners can reach funding targets in the shortest time like a wholesale distribution. Another function is the trading pool that allows experts/fund managers to earn more from trades.

KALA Network aims to form a community of unfragmented, concentrate on crypto investment including but not limited to copy trading, assets management, sharing knowledge, and insights. KALA Network set its sight to become the next generation Crypto Investment Platform for crypto investors backed by a highly engaged backstage Social Network as its final evolution. Investing will be convenient, easy, and at the tip of your finger.

The reBaked project development team is confident that the advanced capabilities of the Pioneers product will contribute to the overall scaling and growth of the Kala Network.

Learn more about Kala Network: Telegram Channel | Telegram group | Twitter | Website | Medium

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