Navigating the Crypto: A Focus on Growth in 2024

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3 min readDec 13, 2023


The crypto landscape is ever-evolving, marked by highs and lows that can test the mettle of even the most seasoned builders. The extended bear market for crypto during the recent past didn’t deter us; instead, it became a time thay we forged new tools and delivered a lot. However, we recognize that building is not enough. True growth comes not only from the tools we create but from the users who leverage them. As we stride into 2024, our focus sharpens on growth, with two new leaders, Chong and Vini, at the helm.

Building in the Bear Market:

The extended bear market brought challenges, but we met them head-on. During this period, we doubled down on the development of BuidlFi and CrowdHack, refining and enhancing their capabilities. The platforms we’ve built are robust, ready to empower users in the decentralised web. Now, it’s time for these tools to shine in the hands of the community.

The Three Dimensions of Growth:

  1. Partners and Protocols Utilizing Our Products: In 2024, we’re focusing on building meaningful partnerships within the crypto ecosystem. BuidlFi and CrowdHack are designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of protocols, and we aim to see widespread adoption. The more projects and protocols that leverage our tools, the stronger the foundation of our ecosystem.
  2. Collaborators Contributing to Web3 Products and Open Source Software: Growth isn’t just about numbers; it’s about fostering a collaborative spirit within the community. We’re committed to supporting and contributing to the open-source ethos. By expanding our network of contributors, we enhance the collective strength of the entire ecosystem.
  3. Total Successful Distributed Income for Collaborators: Beyond mere collaboration, we’re dedicated to ensuring that contributors thrive. Our success is shared success. In 2024, we’re setting measurable goals for the growth of Total Successful Distributed Income for our collaborators. it’s about creating sustainable opportunities for those who contribute.

Meet Chong and Vini:

Chong and Vini join our team with a wealth of experience and a shared passion for driving growth. Chong brings a deep understanding of strategic partnerships and ecosystem development, while Vini specializes in grassroots community engagement and user adoption. Together, they form a dynamic duo poised to lead us into a new era of expansion.

Chong and Vini are just the beginning. We continue to actively seek individuals who are as passionate about growth as we are. Our team is expanding to include talented professionals who can contribute to the success of BuidlFi and CrowdHack.

As we leave the challenges of the bear market behind, we step into 2024 with renewed singular focus on growth.

Our tools are ready, our team is expanding, and our commitment to the crypto community is unwavering. Together, we’ll build not just for the sake of building, but for the vibrant and flourishing ecosystem we envision. The journey ahead is exciting, and we invite you to join us on this path to growth and innovation in the world of crypto.

This update aims to provide for the RBKD DAO ecosystem- our journey is far from over.

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