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Play2Earn Launchpad Coming Soon On PlayShare powered by reBaked!

The decentralized gaming sector is expanding rapidly, taking on new forms as new ways of using blockchain technologies are identified and applied within the gaming industry. The advent of the Non-Fungible Token has heralded a new era in the development of gaming directions, merging the industry with finance to produce an entirely new format of gameplay and entertainment that provides rewards for participation and engagement.

In an environment that fosters user creativity and involvement for rewards, the need for proper platforms capable of supporting promising initiatives becomes vital. That is why the reBaked project is delighted to announce its latest product — our PlayShare IGO aiming to bootstrap the Play2Earn Games.

What is an Initial Game Offering:

IGOs allow users to buy the internal currencies of decentralized games and take advantage of a slew of benefits. The infrastructures and platforms acting as hosts for IGOs are called IGO launchpads. The latter are also decentralized venues that allow users and market participants in general to partake in an IGO in exchange for instant or long-term benefits. Apart from giving access to in-game tokens and various other packs and benefits, the IGO launchpads also act as marketplaces for the purchase, sale and exchange of various related digital items, such as NFTs or even virtual lands.

Another IGO LaunchPad- How PlayShare is different from the competition?

reBaked has decided to support the PlayShare IGO, since its vision of empowering gamers and giving them a collaborative instrument for revenue generation is in line with the overall values of the project. The support for the PlayShare IGO is also an important milestone for the reBaked project, which is seeking to integrate numerous market participants and fast-track the development of the sector.

PlayShare is all about providing an in-game revenue sharing mechanism for games operating on the Play-2-Earn model. It is focused on allowing metaverse asset owners to accumulate passive income, and players to start playing without upfront investments or financial risks. Players from emerging economies will thus have a sustainable source of income generated through a creative process incorporated into gameplay. Risk-averse investors will also have exposure to a new investment asset, which will become more popular with the growth in the VR, AR, eSports and other directions and technologies that are being incorporated into blockchain-based games.

With their scalability and immense opportunities for creativity, metaverses are providing ways for average people to start receiving passive income from their NFT assets, while those can upscale in value. The upscaling itself is not under question, as most NFTs appreciate over time with the scaling of their native projects. And the reBaked platform is supportive of such endeavours and the market participants willing to engage in their growth and development.

Most importantly, reBaked is focused on giving traction to the gaming industry via its support for PlayShare and making sure that opportunities in the space are expanded due to increased deal flows. While games can offer the potential to earn money, the reBaked project is seeking to create a more entertaining, engaging and fair way to join by providing PlayShare with a DAO governance basis that users can rely on and be certain of the full transparency and honesty of all the processes involved.

How to participate in PlayShare IGO offerings

  1. You need to stake 30K $BAKED (Value at the expected offered price $900) tokens minimum. Tokens need to be staked for at least 15 days before the IGO to be applicable. For the first IGO, the 15 days period will not be applicable, and priority will be given to everyone who will stake their tokens within 48 hours from the launch of the program.
  2. For every 10K, you get eligibility to play a game. The games will change frequently — each of those will have different elements: luck, speed, skills and many more!
  3. If you win the game, you win a Treasury Box

*Number of tokens required to stake can be changed based on $BAKED’s price.

The Treasury Box will be revealed in the TGE phase of each project. It could contain different prizes.

1. Guaranteed IGO allocation -Numbers will vary and will be allocated randomly

2. Project NFTs, virtual land, or other in-game assets

3. A combination of IGO allocation and premium in-game NFT assets

In action, an example:

X Game has allocated 1000 Treasury Boxes, and RBKD DAO users have staked 5M $BAKED at total

1. 500 win IGO allocation between 100-$300 worth of IGO allocation distributed randomly through Treasury Boxes — Payable through our platform

2. 400 win limited in-game NFT assets- they pay for it on TGE via our platform

3. 100 win complimentary NFTs — that they will receive for free

What are Treasury Boxes:

reBaked will launch a new type of IGO supporting Treasury Boxes offerings. We believe that PlayShare’s Treasury Boxes will attract significant attention from the player community due to its innovative, unpredictable and valuable nature.

The boxes are digital cases that give their owners random valuable digital assets that can be used in-game. The Treasury Boxes are openly available on the market for purchase — but luck is an important element — since the content of our Treasury Boxes will remain a mystery till the launch of the game.

Users participating in Treasury Boxes will be able to earn tokens, NFTs (in-game assets/ virtual land), free NFTs, or even free tokens. In case you are earning a free prize, your participation fee will be returned and you can use it for an upcoming IGO offering.

As part of the reBaked Treasury Boxes, users will be able to earn valuable prizes and in-game currencies, as well as NFTs for Play2Earn games.

In addition to NFTs, reBaked Mystery Boxes will provide users with tokens related to the gaming economy, as well as free NFTs and various tokens of projects based on the reBaked platform.

In opposition to other launchpads, which are primarily driven by profit, the PlayShare IGO will focus on creating active communities, driving new users to games, launching new gaming universes, and giving back value to early users for their contributions.

The combination of the economic factors playing in favour of the emerging Play2Earn market, as well as the massive community support, gives sufficient reason to believe that the industry is going to experience considerable growth in the near future.

reBaked is determined to be at the forefront of this growth by supporting promising initiatives such as the PlayShare IGO launchpad.

We ❤️ Creative People +Startups

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