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reBaked Accepted in the DAOCubator Program for Spring 2022- Grant Recipient by AstroDAO & Near Protocol

reBaked is delighted to announce that it has been accepted to participate in the first batch of projects to be incubated on Astro’s DAOcubator.

The given opportunity will allow reBaked as a crowdsourcing DAO to incubate, scale, and attract attention from Web 3.0 building on NEAR Protocol.

reBaked has been awarded a seed grant by AstroDAO & NEAR Protocol, to serve as the basis to develop further our infrastructure and expand our offering to the growing NEAR Protocol ecosystem.

Participation of reBaked on the DAOcubator acceleration is an important step in the development and scaling of reBaked solutions on the broader market. By partaking in the process of incubation on the DAOcubator platform, reBaked will be able to access broader opportunities for presenting its product lineup to existing AstroDAO product offerings.

The reBaked development team believes that participation in DAOcubator is a value-generating undertaking that will expand collaboration and use cases scenarios while expanding our market exposure. The inherent characteristics and qualities of the DAOcubator foster such collaboration and act as an off-ramp for the development of hosted parties.

DAOcubator is an incubator for modern-day organizations built on Web 3.0 technology that practice decentralized governance. Astro is a DAO of DAOs that makes building and running a DAO both simple and straightforward. The platform helps founders, startups, communities, guilds, and other native internet entities with design and product fellowships so that they can build, operationalize and scale as a DAO. The DAOcubator provides mentorship and guidance throughout the project development curve.

Astro is a platform for launching Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. DAOs are self-organized groups that form around common purposes. Membership, decision-making, and funding are coordinated in public on a tamper-proof blockchain. Decisions like distributing funds, and adding members happen through an intuitive and transparent voting process. Astro is a DAO infrastructure on NEAR that empowers groups from across the world to make decisions together, collectively. Think of Astro as a social platform for decentralized on-chain communities (OCC), where users can gather, vote, and govern.

On Astro, OCCs allow groups to prove identity and membership but also coordinate decisions through a system of smart contracts. Each vote within these social communities is verified by the NEAR blockchain, and funds are dispersed based on these democratic votes. Given the fact that multiple dApp and appchain projects currently implement DAO-based governance structures, Astro removes the overhead of building a custom DAO for each project, significantly simplifying the process of launching a project on NEAR, Aurora, and Octopus Network. Beyond voting, Astro users can meet other market participants that share their values and fund their collective goals. Astro’s treasury is shared, meaning funds are held and always distributed through a community-defined process. The DAO’s governance is optimized through voting, allowing groups to calibrate exactly how their community will operate on the blockchain.

The reBaked team shares the value that DAOcubator upholds and believes that fostering collaboration among multiple market participants and the many fragmented blockchain communities is the key to uniting the market and fast-tracking blockchain adoption.

Participation in the DAOcubator is a stellar opportunity for the reBaked platform to connect to a larger base of existing blockchain-based application users and provide its community with broader possibilities for interaction and tapping into talent pools.

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ReBaked enables independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the Ownership Economy.

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