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ReBaked Announces Partnership Agreement With AnRKey

reBaked is delighted to announce that it has entered into a partnership with AnRKey — a leading social network of decentralized gaming which aims to demonopolize and democratize the gaming industry by enabling an open user Web 3.0 economy. The partnership will help indie game developers, designers, and creative people to earn more from their work, and monetise their work more efficiently- along with unlocking a whole sphere of opportunities to grow their communities.

The partnership between reBaked and AnRKey has a strategic goal of providing a critical talent resource platform for helping to grow the AnRKey X Social DeFi Gaming Ecosystem. The reBaked platform aims to facilitate the process by opening access for developers and NFT creators to utilize the AnRKey project’s functionality.

Among the AnRKey ecosystem’s constituent modules is the Game & NFT Development Engine — the gDEX Protocol, which includes SDKs and tools for arming third-party developers and gaming NFT asset creators with the power to easily build and deploy their games and NFTs within the AnRKey X DeFi social gaming economy. The foundation of AnRKey X technology is the nexus of the three separate yet distinctly related worlds of money, gaming and social networks. When combined these create a powerful interplay of communal value creation within a liquid Web3 gamified fungible and non-fungible tokenized asset economy that is automated, trustless, and near immeasurable in scale.

Another critical module is the Community Marketplace Network, where participants in the AnRKey X economy have the ability to monetize their own DeFi games and NFT game assets. The gDEX Protocol includes an infrastructure that allows creators to upload, market, and sell their own unique products.

The reBaked platform is confident that its community-centric approach and open nature that attracts developers, talented designers, and like-minded individuals can help indie game developers earn more by contributing to the AnRKeY X economy. The AnRKey project will be using reBaked to target indie game developers and NFT artists by showcasing its capabilities and ecosystem components as vital value-aggregating product offerings. With its high-tech underlying basis and DeFi market-oriented approach, AnRKey is leveraging the growing demand for DeFi gaming and supporting protocols that have been gaining popularity with the rising adoption of integrated finance and gamification of banking and financial operations.

The gDEX Protocol (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) is an autonomous tokenized DeFi social gaming economy built on L1/L2 (Ethereum, Polygon — Matic) driven, sustained, and grown by Web3 socioeconomic collective value action generated and rewarded by the users themselves. This allows for a network effect of permissionless, P2P, and frictionless economies of scale to occur. The gDEX Protocol is modular, allowing for functionality like a “building block”’, wherein developers can create DeFi gaming Dapps that can be easily integrated into the ecosystem as a whole, united by the use of the $ANRX token. This interoperability within the protocol supports AnRKey X’s mass-market adoption.

AnRKey X is building the world’s 21st century social network of DeFi gaming and fulfils the critical need to demonopolize the gaming industry by eliminating centralized platforms and incentivizing all participants for the first time to share in the value they create by becoming stakeholders in a liquid digital economy.

Founded by recognized global leaders in crypto, DeFi, gaming and entertainment the AnRKey X protocol platform is a gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), designed to merge DeFi, Esports, and NFTs into one on their gaming platform creating a brand new industry called m$ports (money sports). AnRKey X’s token, $ANRX, works just like an arcade coin, the more you purchase, play, stake, sell and compete, the more $ANRX you earn within the AnRKey X gaming system. The award-winning team has over 60+ years of combined experience working in blockchain and crypto, traditional gaming, financial technology, and music and entertainment industries. The team is combining DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking with community-driven eSports and Web 3.0 NFTs. The AnRKey X DeFi game and NFT studio will be releasing continuous games in their m$ports genre, with their first game Battle Wave 2323.

The partnership between AnRKey and reBaked is an important step in the process of decentralizing the gaming industry and ensuring mutual support for both projects. The partnership will allow AnRKey to foster a collaborative environment within the reBaked platform and advance the concept of DeFi gaming using the fair launch principle.

The reBaked development team is confident that the partnership with AnRKey will act as a milestone for the popularization of the platform and the attraction of other high-profile projects such as AnRKEY to the reBaked ecosystem.

Learn more about AnRKey X: Twitter, Telegram Community, Telegram News, Medium, Discord, Twitch and LinkedIn.

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