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reBaked Community Airdrop is now available! Claim yours today!

Participate in our Airdrop and earn up to 300 $BAKED (~$9) tokens for doing tasks and 1 point for each referral.

reBaked has quickly become one of the most promising projects in the DAO infrastructure/ tooling & community governance segment. Our multi-chain protocol has received tremendous support & attention from numerous blockchain projects, which have trusted reBaked to better manage their ecosystem grants and crowd build their communities.

We would love to express our gratitude for the support that has been given to us by giving out the first Community Drop to celebrate our much-anticipated launch.

We are rewarding our early supporters and community members by airdropping $BAKED governance tokens — with the ability to stake them and earn protocol fees.

Our native token $BAKED is backed by ecosystem treasuries accumulated by incubated projects, which are actively managed by the RBKD DAO. Those tokens are valuated in significantly discounted valuations usually given only to Venture Capitals, hence they have high potential to upgrade in terms of value- maximising the impact for $BAKED token holders who stake their tokens.

1000 lucky participants will earn from 150 $BAKED, and 50 of the TOP Referrals for the airdrop will earn 300 $BAKED tokens.

❔ Frequently Asked Questions about Airdrop

Can I refer others to join this airdrop and receive rewards?

Yes. By using your referral link and inviting your friends to join our airdrop, you can receive 1 Point tokens for each referral. Please note that the referred person is required to complete the mandatory tasks at least and submit his/her details to the bot.

❔When do I receive the airdrop rewards?

Airdrop rewards will be distributed on November 23rd, and 1,000 users will be randomly selected. Each point collected per task is equal to one participation in the lottery. The more tasks you will perform, the more likely to be one of the 1050 winners at total. In case there will be multiple with the same points, then there will be a lucky draw.

The top 50 users with the most referrals will each receive 300 $BAKED tokens.

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About reBaked

reBaked is building a set of governance, management, and operations tools for DAOs and Web 3.0 ecosystems to better distribute and manage their treasuries — by focusing on value creation.

Our projects across different niche markets helping networks to align incentives with contributors- safeguarding the long-term success and financial well-being of blockchain ecosystems. Tools are designed to offer collaboration mechanisms, growth mechanisms, and governance infrastructure to help projects achieve shared goals

Our protocols allow Web 3.0 Projects to get enhanced deliverables faster, build stronger community bonds, decentralize faster, and achieve a better return of value to the stakeholders.

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Token Details:

Token Name: reBaked

Symbol: BAKED

CoinMarketCap Link:

Contract address: No yet disclosed

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ReBaked enables independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the Ownership Economy.

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