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reBaked Expands its Marketing & Engineering team, with Baked in Focus

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our marketing team in the last few weeks, hiring 4 new colleagues who will be dedicated to focusing on the growth of reBaked and the stronger position of BAKED.

Strengthening our in-house marketing and engineering teams has been important to support our growth story, in this case, we have concluded the validation of our products with strong partners; the new team will be dedicated to bringing the new projects from the permission mode to public BETA.

We are excited to announce that all 4 products will be released to the public during Q4 2022, ahead of our roadmap.

We are also introducing structural changes, to upgrade the role of the reBaked Pioneers that will undertake a fresh structure and will upgrade the role of the $Baked token in the crypto ecosystem. With the new hires, a fresh marketing strategy will be perfectly aligned to advance the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

We are aiming to publish our new roadmap during Q3 2022, which will include ambitious new projects, focusing on advancing the reBaked ecosystem and creating additional value for the token. The new marketing structure makes it possible to explore even more opportunities for BAKED use.

The first two projects of the new, extended team will be the release of our hackathon platform, the re-launch of reBaked Pioneers & BUIDL, and the game-community PlayShare.

Meet our new team members:

🙌 Sara Head of Creators — will focus on talent acquisition for our platforms, development of educational tools to support our community, and talent-led initiatives to spread growth in our platforms.

🙌 Vishal — Head of CrowdHack — will focus on accelerating our Web 3.0 Hackathon platform CrowdHack, and introduce novel integrations and use cases.

🙌 Kevin — Head of reBaked BUIDL will focus on relaunching reBaked BUIDL 2.0

🙌 Matias — Engineering Team — Lead development of new DAO Tooling — to be announced

“In the last 3 months, we established a product-market fit, onboarded our first clients, and built a fast-growing organisation. This is the time to step up with our marketing and launch publicly our products while leveraging our community efforts.

We are thrilled to welcome Matias, Kevin, Vishal and Sara on board! — Nikos -Founder reBaked

We ❤️ Creative People +Startups

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ReBaked enables independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the Ownership Economy.

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