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reBaked is excited to announce that we have successfully incubated the NOGI Network as a part of our expanding portfolio — offering new opportunities to tap into the Creator Economy. NOGI will enable creators and community-focused tools to create a layer to support creators, artists, and builders to showcase and monetise their content while engaging further with their respective communities. reBaked is focused on providing users with broader opportunities for expressing their creativity in the creator economy and accessing Web3 services with higher flexibility and personalisation.

The NOGI project incubated by reBaked is focused on giving users of the creator economy proof of ownership with gated NFTs, and link-in bio solutions to better engage and adopt Web 3.0 Dapps within their existing social media and established audiences.

The NOGI Network currently supports the KuCoin Smart Chain, but other networks and NFT collections will be gradually supported. KCC is a public blockchain built by the community of KuCoin. As a wallet identity provider on KCC, NOGI aims to simplify the process of verifying ownership. Our team is working hard to extend support immediately for new blockchains with support for Aurora, Polygon, Arbitrum, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain to be in our close roadmap.

By creating a profile on NOGI, users can make it impossible for scammers to impersonate them and request funds in their name.

NOGI is designed to let users in Web3 space know who they are dealing with when making a transaction. Cross-checking the account name, wallet address, and the verified linked socials of the other party enables users to verify their identity safely. Users of NOGI may also use the built-in system to send crypto without remembering long wallet addresses. On top of that, NOGI supports the most popular tokens already prefilled, negating the need for users to search for token contract addresses or risk getting scammed by token copies.

Users of NOGI can complement their profile with one of over 50 available NFT backgrounds designed by the project and its partner projects or choose any design compensations that suit them. Users can stand out with verified badges, make a statement or show off their investments by getting special limited editions reserved for the biggest fans of partnered projects. NOGI has designed its profile accessory NFTs with one goal: giving badge owners the ability to showcase their true identity and help the communities supporting them.

Depending on the badge, they can utilise new functionality, receive rewards from partner projects such as airdrops, or gain entry to private chat rooms on Telegram and Discord.

You can try here and create your own Web 3 Link-in-Bio on KCC 👉👉👉 ( A major redesign is in the process — and new blockchain networks will be supported soon)

reBaked is confident that support for the NOGI framework will contribute to developing Creator Economy in the Web3 space and reduce the amount of fraud in the industry overall.

You can join the Nogi Telegram community for any questions you might have or follow us on Twitter to receive the latest updates & potentially receive first the news about NFT airdrops and other community rewards.

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