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reBaked Raises $1.2M in Seed Token Placement To Create Multi-Chain DAO Infrastructure & Tooling

The DAO ecosystem has grown exponentially over the last few years. However, it still faces mass participation issues.

reBaked is happy to announce the completion of an oversubscribed round raising $1.2 Million led by Maven Capital — with the participation from strategically selected investors and partners such as X21 Capital, AU21 Capital, DAO Capital, Basics Capital, Andromeda Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, Tokenova, Evan Luthra Capital, and more.

Over the course of the last few months, we have been building a worldwide partner network, to ensure we deliver the message and mission worldwide. As part of the strategy, we have focused on raising funds from regional communities from all over the world: Titans Ventures — Vietnam, Kangaroo Capital- Australia, BMW Capital- China, AVStar Capital -Indonesia, DUTCH Crypto Investors- The Netherlands.

In our strategic round, we have extended an invitation to angel investors with recognized experience and achievements in the blockchain market, that will bring their experience and networks — from Polygon, Harmony Protocol, Supra Oracles, and numerous other projects that are now thriving. We have also extended limited allocation to influential individuals, media, and communities to help us better communicate reBaked and raise awareness about the project.

With fresh capital at hand, reBaked is expanding our engineering and marketing teams at a fast pace, with several new roles opening in the near future — if you are interested in joining to create the future of DAOs please reach out to

We are aware of the current hype in the market, it can be difficult to distinguish genuine projects from the rest. reBaked has several successful partnerships lined up, with at least 10 projects announced so far ready to use reBaked products. This represents a tremendous validation and vote of trust from the leaders in the blockchain space. This interest continues to grow reflecting on new potential partnerships coming in the future.

About reBaked

At reBaked we are building a set of governance, management, and operations tools for DAOs and Web 3.0 ecosystems, improving the distribution and management of treasuries, shifting the focus to value creation.

The core protocol will allow Web 3.0 projects to get enhanced deliverables faster, build stronger community bonds, decentralize, and achieve better returns of value to stakeholders.

All products will be working with our native token $BAKED — backed by ecosystem treasuries accumulated by incubated projects, all actively managed by the RBKD DAO.


The reverse launchpad that leverages independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale Web 3.0 Projects


  • High-quality tech talent dedicates their time to stealth projects- which are offering upside potential. By gaining access to the lowest valuation of the current token round offered, they are further incentivized to make a project a real success.
  • By onboarding top talent as collaborators in a project, investors are more secure, since they know the project has the support of talented contributors who have aligned motivation to make the project successful.
  • Founders identify what they need- not necessarily knowing how to implement it, and our diverse teams of experts are working collaboratively to deliver outstanding work.

RBKD BUILD: Provides a truly transparent and decentralized solution that keeps everyone accountable in the distribution of community/ ecosystem funds.

With BUILD we win together by building a real community of contributors who are true stakeholders in Web 3.0 projects. A truly decentralized integrated system incorporating feedback from the team, collaborators, and the community, for helping projects deliver their ecosystem grants with full transparency and a better success ratio.

RBKD CROWDHACK: An advanced crowd-hackathon platform, with the ability to integrate any Web 3.0 coin as a base currency, with escrow smart-contract functions to preserve confidence for the delivery of promised rewards. CrowdHack is the only platform enabling feedback by a decentralized community.

RBKD PLAYSHARE: Provides an in-game revenue sharing mechanism for Play2Earn games- allowing metaverse asset owners to accumulate passive income, and players to start without upfront investment or financial risk.

Opening a new sustainable source of income for players from emerging economies, generated through a creative process incorporated into gameplay.

Risk-averse investors will also have exposure to a new investment asset, which will become more popular with the growth in the VR, AR, eSports and other directions and technologies that are being incorporated into blockchain-based games.

With their scalability and immense opportunities for creativity, metaverses are providing ways for anyone to start receiving passive income from their NFT assets, while those can upscale in value. Most NFTs tend to appreciate over time with the scaling of their native projects.

Learn more about our core products here:

We are humbled and honored by the overwhelming support of reBaked fast-growing community.

Stay tuned on our official channels to stay updated and learn how to participate in our public IDO.

Post-IDO, our time will be invested in working with amazing blockchain partners around the world to ensure we maintain our momentum, strengthen our relationships and deepen our collaborations with blockchain protocols to incubate 100s of Web 3.0 projects through reBaked.

We ❤️ Creative People +Startups

Got an idea? Build it with the support of reBaked — Reach out today:

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