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Revealing the reBaked Roadmap…

After months of work and toil, the team is proud to present the Roadmap of the project that reveals the plans in store. The Roadmap presented below is not just a tentative set of milestones to be achieved, but realistic goals, which can be attained based on results that have already been achieved and the foundation that has been set for allowing the project to move forward and gain traction.

Proof of Talent — July of 2021

The first step over the coming months for the Rebaked project will be the launch of a Proof of Talent concept in July of 2021. As part of the endeavour, the development team will extend a public call for talent to expand its skillset and accelerate work on the platform. In the beginning, the focus will be placed on three major roles, including Marketing Professionals and Influencers, Developers, and Project Managers.

Anyone willing to lend a hand to the development of Rebaked is welcome to heed the call and contact the team via official communication channels.

Call for Observers — July of 2021

Simultaneously with the Proof of Talent, Rebaked will be launching a Call for Observers, which is aimed at electing independent observers on the platform for conducting overseer procedures, ensuring fairness, and resolving potential disputes.

RBKD DAO — Q3 of 2021

The tentative date for the launch of the RBKD DAO is set for Q3 of 2021, which will allow the project to activate the staking mechanism and allow participants to receive protocol fees and participate in project governance. The first Observers will be elected from the members of the DAO. The Observers will be responsible for resolving potential disputes among system users. The DAO will also determine protocol fees.

Proof of Work V.0 And Invisible Summer Hackathons With Top Tier Blockchain Protocols — Q3 of 2021

Tentatively around Q3 of 2021, Rebaked will be launching its Beta version of the protocol. The event will coincide with hackathons that will be conducted in cooperation with Tier 1 protocols to ensure successful Proof of Work and reveal any deficiencies in the system.

Continuous Token Agreement For The Ownership Economy — Q3 of 2021

Q3 of 2021 will see the release of the Rebaked Manifest and new token standards for projects in the Ownership Economy. The given endeavour will be conducted in cooperation with leading decentralized finance platforms to provide liquidity and broader user accessibility.

RBKD V.1 — Fair Launch Projects with IOUs — Q4 of 2021

In Q4 of 2021, the official platform release will be held with self-serve features for the entire lifecycle of participating projects. The release of the first batch of community-driven fair launch projects will also be held at the same time in cooperation with grassroots movements, blockchain incubators and accelerators. The launch of such projects will be held with the use of IOU tokens.

RBKD V.2 — Liquid Tokens — Q4 of 2021

The first liquidity tokens of the RBKD platform will be released around Q4 of 2021 to give RBKD DAO members the opportunity to provide early liquidity to talent by unlocking their IOU tokens.

RBKD V.3 With Credit Scoring And Uncollateralized Finance — Q1 of 2022

In the first quarter of 2022, Rebaked will be providing uncollateralized credit based on credit scoring, performance, and reputability to ensure the integrity of all participants and the availability of liquidity from traditional financial channels.

KYC Scoring Based on Reputation, And Payslips — Q2 of 2022

By the second quarter of 2022, Rebaked will be introducing KYC procedures and scoring based on individual reputation to increase the level of participant responsibility. Payslips will also be introduced around the same time.

6 Months — Roadmap For Adoption

The next 6 months will also see a number of milestones that have to be achieved for ensuring successful project traction. They will include:

  • Hackathons;
  • Tooling for an Open Source Ecosystem;
  • Grants for new projects or partners to grow with incubation.

6 Months — Roadmap to Decentralization

The steps necessary for achieving decentralization over the next six months will include:

  • Incubation of DAO for the external community to achieved implementation of proprietary upgrades and self-governance;
  • Introduction of services for the community to personal dashboards, API, monitors, multi-sync wallets, and other instruments;
  • The new token standard for fair launch projects with community participation.

6 Months — Roadmap for Legal

Legal frameworks are essential for the proper functioning and adoption of Rebaked. As such, research on DAO incubation in numerous jurisdictions such as Malta, Wyoming, and other regions will be conducted.


Given the immense growth of the blockchain, the Rebaked team seeks to keep development roadmaps short to reflect all the latest technologies, trends, and deal with ecosystem challenges to provide the best possible user experience and convenience for all participants.

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ReBaked enables independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the Ownership Economy.

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