Proof of Talent: Training & Onboarding 10000 Skill Workers Into DAOs

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Nov 18 · 4 min read

reBaked is opening applications for talent to work through reBaked platform and establish opportunities for specialists and professionals from a variety of industries and specializations. The launch comes as the transition of the workforce to remote environments or into freelancer/ contract mode becomes widespread in the wake of the pandemic and the rapid development of the digital economy.

Through this initiative we aim to onboard our first 10000 contributors who will contribute to different DAOs and Web 3.0 Projects. Over the next projects, we will announce numerous partners who will engage through this initiative and procure tasks through reBaked to create opportunities. Along with that, we will work with leading universities across the globe to help train a new generation of savvy crypto advocates and fresh talent as contributors to different incubated projects.

Register as a Collaborator here. All contribution opportunities are visible upon signing up — between our community and the amazing opportunities! Early contributors who will complete their profiles, will be eligible to share a pool of rewards worth $10k! If you need help to register on the platform- please follow this step-by-step guide!

At the moment we are onboarding students & professionals with the following skills:

💻Blockchain Developers

🤓Developers (Front End, Mobile)


📢Community Leads


🤠Marketing Experts

With Web 3.0 on the rise and offering untapped opportunities for specialists to monetize their expertise and skills, reBaked will be announcing a fascinating lineup of projects in the near future.

reBaked is tailored and designed to prove the thesis that collaboration beats the competition and that mutual efforts aimed at achieving a certain goal are a much more productive and efficient approach to project development. The basis for such a collaborative approach is established in the ReBaked platform, which provides a fair launch principle to project development and distribution of remuneration to all parties involved in the effective fielding of a finished product or service.

By refraining from short-term capitalization interests and focusing on the effective and sustained development of a project, reBaked provides the basis for long-term capital accrual and fair distribution of the rewards among all parties involved.

The fair launch basis also provides all willing the opportunity to join projects early on at the launch stage, or some at their inception stage, thus maximizing the entrants’ potential or even allowing them to become a co-founder. Such progression from the professional contractor to a founding executive is provided by the collaborative and mutually supportive environment of the reBaked ecosystem, which fosters an appreciation for the combined application of skills in reaching the ultimate goal. By offering their contributions at the project inception stage, professionals can take on leading roles and eventually establish their own brands that attract investors and collaborators with their transparency and fair distribution of rewards.

The underlying concept of the reBaked platforms is based on the application of a User Owned Platform that relies on DAO governance. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization approach has proven its effectiveness in allowing all of the participants involved to decide how the platform will evolve in the future based on voting and the consideration of all proposals. The DAO will also be responsible for setting all project rules and principles, ranging from product and service development or marketing, to reward distribution and scaling.

All users of the reBaked platform can be assured that their payments will be provided in a fair and transparent manner. All transactions are guaranteed by blockchain escrow accounts that record the amounts to be paid to each participant and instantly transfer payment in the form of tokens the moment the conditions are met.

Most importantly, reBaked places no fees for talent attraction or use, since all users of the platform are free to choose the project that best suits their specialization, needs, or goals. All attraction of professionals is based on free and open communication with project participants and developers, allowing all parties involved to find common grounds for collaboration.

reBaked is currently opening entry opportunities for a number of professions and specialist profiles based on the demand experienced by projects positioned on the platform.

Combined, the given professions form the basis necessary for the development of projects and products tailored for the digital environment. Given the fact that most products and services placed on the reBaked platform are digital in their nature, the need for focused and quality professionals capable of providing the necessary program development and promotional support is high.

reBaked platform is determined to make the attraction and engagement of professionals in digital endeavors a smooth and streamlined process that rewards all parties involved in direct proportion to their contributions in product or service development. Such fairness and the focus on long-term sustainability while distancing from the investor-oriented concept of short-term profiteering inspires professionals and gives them the confidence they need to believe that their contributions will be valued and rewarded.

reBaked is continuing to develop and refine the platform to allow a greater number of projects and professionals to join it and start on their path from specialist to executive and founder.

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