reBaked Enters Into Partnership With Korporatio

Sep 3 · 3 min read

The reBaked project is delighted to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with the Korporatio platform. The partnership is a major step for allowing new startups incubating via reBaked to receive legal consulting and foundation set up to kickstart their development and traction on the blockchain market as fully represented and legal entities. The reBaked is determined to support all projects launching on its platform with the necessary services that would allow them to gain the repute and credibility necessary to attract the attention of both qualified professionals and potential investors seeking verifiable startups with legal backing. The partnership with Korporatio is a major step in ensuring the availability of such opportunities for projects launching on reBaked. The aim of the Korporatio platform is to create a new generation of cutting edge, truly global businesses, led by entrepreneurs who are citizens of the world.

The goal is to usher in a new era in which everyone is empowered to incorporate, innovate and therefore, realize their dreams. The real power behind the Smart Company model is in its ecosystem. Instead of inventing everything on its own, Korporatio partners with industry leaders to streamline process flows, user experience and service layers. Such values expressed by the team behind the Korporatio platform are fully in line with the aspirations and qualities that are both cherished and supported by the reBaked project. The availability of legal compliance and backing is essential in the modern decentralized environment that has not yet received international recognition and support from a globally recognized legal framework provider. The new partnership with Korporatio allows reBaked to protect new entrepreneurs and risk-takers with a new entity that will be both legally recognized and viable in the legal arena. The availability of such an entity will attract the attention of an established audience of investors and retail market participants who conduct stringent checks of projects before investing. The legal entity acts as a hallmark of reliability for such market participants, making the presence of such documentation vital, despite the decentralized nature of the business.

Another major benefit that the partnership provides is that it will help protect reBaked project native BAKED token holders with observers from the community participating in the board council of the foundations and have actual voting. Such mechanisms will allow holders of the tokens to have guarantees of compliance with all terms and conditions prescribed in startup charters and documents. Among the other benefits is that the partnership with Korporatio and the availability of legal entities for startups will provide actual voting rights to the foundation, preserving the best interests of the token holders. With the DAO being the centrepiece of the project, the mimicking of its functioning and decision-making mechanisms to those on the traditional market is an important factor in adding credibility to their operations. Finally, the collaboration with Korporatio is an important step towards protecting creators and their rights to their hard work, allowing them to become co-founders since the very early days of the project. The legal basis underlying the project will protect the rights and solidify the contributions of every creator on paper, providing a legal framework and immutable evidence of their actions for the provision of fair compensation in the future. The investors will also be able to take advantage of the same mechanism for ensuring the protection of their rights in terms of receiving rewards for their injections into the project. With legality acting as a backbone to decentralization and the core principles of immutability and transparency of the blockchain, all participants of the reBaked project will have peace of mind that their participation in startups will be both ensured and rewarded.

Establishing partnerships with leading services providers from across the decentralized market space is an essential goal for the reBaked development team. With a greater number of collaborations and services available on the platform, the venue will be able to provide all participants with a full scope of legal and additional financial streaming services to ensure streamlined operations and a wholesome user experience that fosters collaboration and startup launch. The reBaked development team will be establishing more partnerships in the near future to expand the capabilities and functionality of the platform.

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