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Jul 12 · 5 min read

reBaked delivers on-demand project teams to companies and entrepreneurs in need of skilled workers. The reBaked system is unique in its collaborative approach and merit-based pay.

Teams are created on the fly as project collaborators successfully negotiate a guaranteed minimum payment. Work is never done on pure speculation. As a side-effect, the project owns all materials and ideas that are submitted.

ReBaked’s value-driven system of collaboration and governance allows anyone, anywhere, to effectively cooperate and build fast-moving 3.0 infrastructure & products.

Rebaked is the future of work. Collaboration beats the competition. An incentive aligned meritocratic DAO that allows anyone, anywhere, to demonstrate value into real, tangible, high-impact projects. reBaked takes a unique approach to crowdsource and open innovation. Unlike pure contest plays, the reBaked system allows collaborators to negotiate a guaranteed minimum payment in exchange for convertible tokens from promising Web 3.0 Projects.

Our Ambassador program is designed with the principle of meritocracy that inspired reBaked- rewarding people based on their participation! We use the principle of quadratic reward — which means that the more you participate in the reBaked activities as an ambassador, the more rewards you will receive! This is to ensure that long-term ambassadors with track records will be further motivated, while they will eventually become more experienced.

Each ranking category earns more rewards than the previous.

Our categories:

Executive Chef

Sous Chef

Chef de Partie

Commis Chef

Our system rewards ambassadors based on their participation and activity in our community. We are also hiring in our marketing team for different roles such as community managers, and Top Performers who will reach the level of Sous Chef or Executive Chef will receive an offer to continue working with reBaked long-term.

What You Can Get

1. Monthly budget of $10.000 worth of $BAKED tokens distributed among ambassadors for on hands-work

2. Inclusion in the $BAKED whitelist

3. Access to the reBaked ecosystem and chance to work with all the partnered projects of reBaked

4. Access to all the private reBaked workgroups and events

5. reBaked Swag :)

6. A trip to Greece for the best performer to meet members of the Baked team and enjoy Athens.

The trip covers accommodation costs in Athens for up to 7 days- with a voucher of $350 for your airfare. The gift cannot be exchanged and is valid for consumption whenever you prefer. You can’t transfer or exchange the trip, since it serves the purpose of team meeting top performers. The team might surprise more members who have performed well with such a gift. If you can’t make it to Athens, in cooperation with the team the location might change with an event location that the Baked team is attending.

All ambassadors start on an equal phase, and they are promoted based on their contributions.

Learn more about our ranking

Our reward mechanism is designed to maximize rewards for the best ambassadors. Similarly, we reserve less reward to ambassadors who will not engage actively or will perform only low-level tasks with a limited value proposition.

The rewards are calculated in points. At the end of the program, we divide the total amount of $10.000 to the total collected points, and we assign the value of $BAKED per point collected. For example, if the total points collected to the program are 10.000 then each point will be equal to $1.

To apply for our ambassador program please fill-up the form below.

Maximise the points you will earn by inviting your friends to apply in our Ambassador Program!

We will check application forms every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and inform the qualified applicants of further steps. The duration of the program is July 15th- September 15th with a possibility to be renewed for further time.

Activities are what ambassadors can do to accumulate more points. Apart from the activities listed below, we will also be announcing custom tasks that have variable rewards. If you are interested in suggesting a task, please reach out to our team.

Indicative tasks & how much you can earn:

There are no limitations on how many times you can perform an activity.

In order to successfully verify your activity and credit you with the appropriate points, you will need to submit your activities. Through that system, we are able to track all of the contributions you have made and assign you the appropriate points. Accepted members will receive more information regarding this task.

We will also have a scoreboard, which will be updated every Monday so you can view how your peers are doing in comparison to your own activity.

Please remember that the extra mile work will be awarded bonus points!

We ❤️ Creative People +Startups

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