reBaked Tokenomics: Setting expectations for a community-driven growth

Nikos reBaked
Oct 22 · 4 min read

Our much-anticipated launch will take place amidst heightened interest in the platform in light of the numerous partnerships that have been established over the last few months and the overall unique value offering of the reBaked project.

The native $BAKED token will be acting as the main value carrier within the reBaked products and the main unit of transactions among platform participants. The token is backed by ecosystem treasuries accumulated by incubated projects, which are actively managed by the RBKD DAO.

All products collect fees from 2%-5%, which are distributed to DAO participants who stake their tokens — an exact post will follow regarding staking and DAO participation. Users need to have their tokens staked in the snapshot time, which must not be announced to make users eligible for receiving the rewards.

One of the strongest value propositions of the reBaked project and the native token is that some of the platform’s proprietary products, such as Pioneers, are collecting fees from projects which are early-stage and valued in lowest valuation offered in a particular round, which has a great dynamic and opportunity for $BAKED token holders.

Token Distribution

The distribution of the $BAKED token will follow the given schedule and tokenomic principles.


$1,400,000 (Includes Expected Raise by the Public Sale)






As part of the reBaked approach to fielding the native token and promoting its adoption among participants of the ecosystem, Pioneers & BUILD will be given to the DAO. The participants who have their tokens staked will be receiving particular benefits as part of their presence on the platform and their contribution to token turnover and adoption.

The main value of the launch of the token and its underlying tokenomic model is based on the fact that reBaked secures allocation to early-stage startups in the lowest valuation offered in a round. The resulting value overspills into the tokens have a high potential to upgrade and gain demand on the market, resulting in an increase in their overall price and turnover.

More value for the native $BAKED token will be generated by other projects, such as PlayShare IGO launchpad, which will be gaining early access to it and will have the opportunity of launching trading among participants. The onboarding of new projects and the fostering of productive operations for hosted projects is the key goal of the reBaked platform. Such orientation at platform users and projects is the core of the reBaked philosophy, which holds true to the conviction that collaboration is the key to successful project launch and development.

ReBaked is a DAO governance & tooling set of connected products that enable independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the Ownership Economy. The approach of the project to establishing and fostering collaborative interconnections and relations between talented individuals allows startups to find the support they need both from professionals who share their vision, and from investors seeking to field real products and capitalize on their traction.

The ability to network and collaborate on shared tasks is what sets reBaked apart from other projects, where launchpad services are offered as profit-oriented endeavors. The reBaked launchpad encourages startups to develop sustainable economic and relationship models by providing incentives and payout mechanisms in the native $BAKED token that can be staked and used as the main value carrier and reward instrument within the reBaked ecosystem.

By offering a wide range of products to suit various industry participants, reBaked is an all-in-one solution for startup founders and talent seeking employment and self-realization opportunities with like-minded individuals.

The launch of the native $BAKED token is an important milestone for the reBaked project, as it will fast-track platform scaling and provide all participants with the necessary intrinsic incentives to start collaborating and providing liquidity.

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ReBaked enables independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the Ownership Economy.