Talent Protocol — First Project Launching Through reBaked Pioneers — 800000 $TAL to EARN!

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Oct 28 · 5 min read

reBaked is delighted to announce that the first project is ready to launch through reBaked Pioneers. Talent Protocol is set to be the first project to take advantage of the flexible instruments and talent-fostering opportunities provided by reBaked Pioneers.

Talent Protocol is a decentralized network designed to allow community members and overall industry participants, to invest in talented individuals and fast-track their careers. Their founding team adheres to the values of placing professionalism and merit above background and privilege — a factor that can be traced through numerous careers across industries.

Talent Protocol has been one of the eight projects that made it to the Fall 2021 batch of CoinList Seed projects.

Talent Protocol’s core mission is to empower undiscovered talent by giving any growth-oriented individual the ability to launch a personal token, raise capital and build a community of committed supporters.

Many talented individuals who could not receive proper education or have had their personal development sidetracked by life circumstances have been left out without the chance to realize their full potential — a niche that can hold high value for investors resulting in mutual benefit.

Industrialized societies believe to be meritocratic, but getting to the top has been more about having the right background experience rather than about being a good professional in any specific field — a flaw of the modern social standard that Talent Protocol seeks to improve.

By relying on the Talent Protocol, individuals will be able to have their own talent tokens to unlock new monetization opportunities and offer their skills on the job market. The supporters of these individuals could be angel investors that choose to support people they believe in and collect rewards when they succeed.

The value for supporters offered by Talent Protocol is based on the fact that supporters are often the mentors, teachers, family, and friends who do not get any tangible reward for the important role they play in the professional success of various individuals. By taking advantage of the opportunity to issue Talent Tokens on the Talent Protocol platform, they can finally start capturing some of the value they create.

Talent will be able to sell their Talent Tokens back to the market for a profit and access exclusive services and benefits within the Talent Protocol system. At the same time, supporters could be recognized as patrons of future stars and attract attention or uncover more potential individuals, while helping the people they believe in.

Talent Protocol aims to leverage the possibilities of the crypto ecosystem and the endless possibilities for blockchain technology to benefit its talent. Talent Protocol will make it accessible for all kinds of talented people — not just celebrities or crypto experts — to create and grow a personal economy based on their careers.

Talent Protocol’s development team will be offering its users a chance to take advantage of fully open-source and public-building instruments to build on its technology and monetize talent.

The decision to launch the project on the reBaked platform was imperative, as it will allow the team to broaden on scaling and promotion. Among the eligible tasks, the project will be able to leverage through reBaked Pioneers are marketing and community-buildup as key actions for attracting attention to the project.

reBaked Pioneers will also help bootstrap operations and provide a total budget of 800k of Talent Protocol token ($TAL) at seed valuation, with the lowest offered valuation in the current round. reBaked Pioneers will claim $TAL tokens with a value per token at $0.02. TAL is the governance token of Talent Protocol, it has a maximum supply of 1 000 000 000 (1b) tokens and the value at the launch of each TAL token (Public Raise) is assumed to be $0.03.

The potential of reBaked Pioneers is the cornerstone acting as the reason for Talent Protocol’s decision to use it as a platform. Unlike other launchpads, which are selling to higher valuations than those offering to venture capitals, reBaked is allowing the project to attract more capital from average users to ensure a higher degree of autonomy from centralized stakeholders.

The reBaked Pioneers product is designed to allow skilled creators to access highly-skilled tech and marketing talent for fast-tracking projects. High-quality builders dedicate their time to side projects, being interested in contributing to projects they care about, offering upside potential. By gaining access to the lowest valuation offered, they are incentivized to make a project a real success. reBaked provides access to a diverse network of top builders with the core skills required by Web 3.0 startups: design, product, engineering, marketing, and community building. By onboarding top talent as collaborators in a project, investors also feel more secure, since they know that a project has the support of talented contributors who have aligned motivation to make a project a success.

reBaked DAO will receive a platform fee equal to 5% of the total successfully tokens, equal to 37.500 $TAL tokens that will be distributed proportionally to the participants who stake their $BAKED tokens. Each DAO staking lot is equal to 25000 $BAKED tokens.

reBaked Pioneers will allow platform participants to transform collaborators into stakeholders and promote meritocracy, and identify opportunities to join projects early and receive an allocation in the lowest valuation offered, thus unlocking extremely rewarding financial opportunities. But, most importantly, the service will allow building a community of contributors, rather than passive investors.

The beta launch of Talent Protocol via the reBaked Pioneers product is the result of natural synergy between the core values of both projects. With talent and mutual cooperation among community members being held as the foundation of startup launch and development, the possibilities the reBaked Pioneers product offers Talent Protocol are endless.

The campaign will open to creators on November 1st at 12:00 PM UTC- and will have a duration of 1 Month until December 1st at 12:00 PM UTC that will conclude with the deliverables.

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ReBaked enables independent knowledge workers to design, launch, and scale projects in the Ownership Economy.