Crony Capitalism is Killing the Democrats.

As a new US citizen, I threw myself into my first Federal election as a grassroots Chair of Utah for Bernie Sanders and a National Delegate for Bernie. It’s been a STEEP learning curve despite the fact I have followed US politics for a long time.

My eyes were opened to so much that is wrong with the system as a whole but I am going to bring this to a State level and what I am now witnessing as I work to get Julianne Waters elected as Utah Democratic Party State Chair.


Several progressives have refused to endorse because

  • They worked with another candidate on a campaign and don’t want to upset them.
  • They endorsed early as another candidate announced early and can’t possibly switch their endorsement because it might cause ill feeling.
  • They are planning a run in 2018 and don’t want to upset candidate B in case that candidate wins.

Now, if they don’t endorse my candidate because they don’t think she is the best candidate, that’s okay, even though they are wrong 😎.


This is not deciding to vote based on policies and the person who is the best fit for the job.

And this is why we have 45 in Power.

The Super Delegates endorsed early and a high percentage refused to even CONSIDER changing their endorsement, despite evidence that Sanders would be more likely to beat 45.

Politics is too important for ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.’.

Compromise is a different matter. I am speaking about being afraid to take a stand for your beliefs and the policies you support.

Quite honestly, if you are going to take offense and be vindictive with those that don’t support you you shouldn’t be in politics.

Vote on the issues people!

Endorse the person who you believe is best for the job and don’t be afraid to change your endorsement if a better candidate comes along.

And stop. Just stop.

We are in a mess in this adopted country of mine, which I love.

And I want us to climb out of this mess.

So, take a stand and speak out for what you believe in.

And stand up for the best candidate for the job because of the issues and their record, not because they might be upset if you don’t support them.

Break the chains of cronyism.