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I started publishing stories on Medium in February 2021, and with my ever-growing content, those stories needed some kind of index.

Before 15 September 2023, the date of the last update, I had my index in this post, adding links to my different lists. But, I wanted it to look more professional, and therefore re-used the name of what was once my blog, to give you a one-stop start to all my work.

Please visit Rebel’s Notes, where you can find links to all things I write:

  • About me and my life
    This includes writing about my name, my chosen pseudonym, my dreams, and their interpretations. But also about my life, my love, my memoirs, and I even share fictionalized stories from my life.
  • My creative side
    I share my photography, as well as from my bullet journal, the designs I draw and how I approach journaling.
  • My fiction
    I once only wrote erotic fiction, but ever since I’m on Medium, I have written in other genres too. I share erotic fiction which once lived on my blog. I also share 100-word stories, which are mostly erotic.
  • Teaser Tales
    These pieces always lead to one of my other stories, but either shares things from my life (nonfiction), or are flash fiction which precedes the actual story.
  • Series
    Whenever a story is too long, I chop it up in chapters to make it easier for readers to keep their attention on it. I have serial fiction running from two chapters, right up to full-length novels, all written by me. There are also series where each chapter serves as a standalone story.
  • A selection of different things
    Other things you will find are book reviews, recipes, tips & tricks, my Medium milestones, and pieces I have written about songs I like. Newsletters I have written are also in this section.

Thank you and enjoy!
~ Marie A. Rebelle

Marie A. Rebelle is the owner of Serial Stories, editor of Tantalizing Tales and Teaser Tales, writer of fact and fiction, sometimes transgressive, sometimes erotic, and always about life. Likes to share, and treats everyone with the respect they deserve. Top writer in Short Stories, Fiction & LGBTQ.

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Marie A. Rebelle
Rebel’s Notes

❤️ Writer: fact and fiction; sometimes transgressive, sometimes erotic, always about life. | Editor: Serial Stories, Tantalizing Tales, Teaser Tales ❤️