Get Big or Get Out: The Sequel

OK, in general Presidents issue executive orders to make things happen that are important to them that they realize would be difficult to move through Congress.

Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America

So why did this president issue this executive order? How do we ensure that our needs are served, not just those of corporate America? Those are the questions each of us need to ask ourselves and discuss with others.

If you haven’t read the order, below is the link to the official version.

It is a well-known fact that politicians pick titles for their work that are often much different from the intended results, therefore it is important that you read the order for yourself — as they say “The Devil is in the details.’ Promises are made to get votes; actions are taken to get money for re-election. So, it is up to us to ensure we push for the interests of the farmer. We ask for your involvement whether you are a small farmer or large farmer because we believe we achieve the most when we understand each other’s position and seek solutions that serve all.

If you believe that this Executive Order is insignificant and will have no impact on your life as a farmer, big or small, think again. We don’t believe this is big ag vs. the small farmers. We believe this is farmers vs. big business. This has the potential to be larger than “Get Big or Get Out” and the impact will be felt globally.

Without your opinion these important, life-changing decisions will be decided by someone in Corporate America on a task force. Time to speak up.

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