Let’s Cut Right To It: Don’t Miss My Talk at the 2020 Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration

By: Dwana Franklin-Davis

In the year since I started as CEO of Reboot Representation, I’ve seen U.S. tech corporations and leaders tout their desire to create space for women of color (WOC) in tech, yet WOC make up only 4% of computing professionals. We need less talk and more action in the tech sector — a public statement or shared theory won’t create change by itself. The Reboot Representation Tech Coalition is working to demonstrate that collective action can lead to truly improved representation. And what better place to share some of our initial learnings than the Grace Hopper Conference, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists?

I’m proud to be giving a presentation at the 2020 virtual Grace Hopper Celebration — Less Guilt, More Action: Centering Women of Color in Grantmaking to Diversify Tech.

We will discuss key takeaways from Reboot’s philanthropic investments, and how we can work together — no matter where you are in your tech journey — to increase diversity in tech. No single company created gender and racial inequity in the industry, but as a collective, we have the power and resources to change the current landscape.

The Rebooting Representation 2018 report uncovered many systemic reasons Black, Latina, and Native American women are disproportionately left behind. While more companies are working to improve workforce representation, the common path of broad recruitment or investment efforts often fails to specifically bring more underrepresented WOC into technical roles.

This is what the Reboot Representation Tech Coalition is working to fix — rather than taking the common path of broad recruitment or investments, the Reboot Coalition drives impactful industry change through targeted philanthropic investments in the often overlooked programs and institutions that make education and careers in computing more equitable for underrepresented WOC. I’m excited to bring this conversation to a larger audience — although Reboot focuses on grants that support Black, Latina, and Native American women specifically, I hope that our Coalition and model of work can serve as inspiration for increased diversity overall. Attaining national and international equity for WOC in tech is important — diverse teams with varying perspectives ensure that companies are more creative, innovative, and ultimately, more profitable. It’s time that the tech industry represents our world.



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Reboot Representation

Reboot Representation

A coalition of tech companies committed to doubling the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women receiving computing degrees by 2025.