Reboot Your Work Day 5: Resilience

Reboot your work is a ten-day course from Sharon Salzberg and Reboot based on Sharon’s New York Times Bestseller, Real Happiness at Work. The course guides participants in building mindfulness practices to increase contentment, efficiency and effectiveness in their work. This writing prompt is for course participants interested in participating in a group discussion. You can sign up for this complimentary course here.

There is a quote from the Buddha that says, “Develop a mind so filled with love it resembles space which cannot be painted, marred or ruined.” In other words, we can choose to be like the sky or be like a sponge when it comes to how we respond to things that happen in our lives.

Consider a tough situation you’ve encountered at work, and visualize yourself as the sky — open and limitless. How do you feel? Then visualize yourself as a sponge, absorbent and heavy with weight. How do you feel? Resilience relies on openness.

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