What the fallacy of accident is and why it needs to be stopped!

As one leaf is red, so … what? (Image: cerebralistic.com)

On the value of being able to spot bad arguments

One of the pedagogical functions of a philosophical education, arguably from as early as Socrates, has been to learn how to spot and (as we say) “call” bad arguments. Sophisms are what Stephen Colbert might call “truthy” arguments. They seem true, when you don’t look too…




Dialectic, the art of arguing, and rhetoric, the art of writing and public speaking, were at the basis of the humanities for hundreds of years. The critical, creative, & analytic resources the dialectical and rhetorical traditions still offer us are immense, but largely neglected

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Castalian Stream

Castalian Stream

Articles on philosophy, psychology & classical thought (notably Stoic) for those interested in renewing, spreading, and applying these ideas today.

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