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REBORRN for G4S: A Case study on how we made ourselves obsolete


I m quite new in the “Consulting” world, and coming from the Agency world I quickly realised how hard it is to showcase work. If you work for an ad agency, all you need is a video showing the result of your work, you probably publish shortly after your work goes live. When in consulting it’s a bit more tricky. Your work is not visual, and it takes months of hard work to start realising the results of things you did months or years ago. So here we are, sharing our first case for a project that started early 2018

We are a hybrid of management consultants & makers on a mission to help visionary companies thrive in the digital economy, using Data, Technology, and Design. We Challenge how a modern consultancy should look like in the digital economy.

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Giorgos Vareloglou

Giorgos Vareloglou

Co-founder & Managing Partner @ Reborrn

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