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Unboxing: The trend anyone launching a product needs to know…

Trust — the latest buzzword to storm the world of influencer marketing. Due to the somewhat constant stream of bad — no, sorry — plain awful partnership executions, both influencers, and brands are under strong surveillance. The stats are in, revealing that people are switching off from Influencer Marketing ‘1.0’. 47% of consumers are fatigued with repetitive influencer posts (enter Armani’s #strongerwithyou campaign) and 23% believe the quality of influencer content is slipping, and I for one agree.

Fake followers, lack of creativity and poor execution have got the average consumer calling BS and it’s time brands wake up to it. Influencer Marketing 2.0 is beginning — or what I like to call Marketing with Influence.

Being the co-founder of a product-based consumer tech business with reboxed, let’s talk about unboxing. For those that don’t know, I mean it in the literal sense. Unboxing videos are gaining HUGE amounts of attention, and I’d recommend anyone launching a product to seriously consider implementing this into their Marketing with Influence Strategy. These videos [tend to be] created by trusted experts, each masters of their own product category. These guys care, they provide real, authentic information and as a result are creating unique content. Unboxing could be exactly what your brand needs to build or in some cases re-build a trusted relationship with your audience.

The worlds biggest unboxer Lewis Hilsenteger of “Unbox Thearpy’ has over 13 million subscribers” and racks up millions of views.

Why are Unboxing videos getting all the views?

Unboxing is happening in every category from clothing to cars people want to see, hear and feel the experience of owning the products to connect on a deeper level.

How can I get my product unboxed?

One of our campaigns for Marshall headphones working with top unboxer Austin Evans, collaborating to create native campaign on his channels and content for the brand.

How should I measure success?

Unboxing isn’t the future, it’s the now and it’s growing FAST. You have the opportunity here to build trust with credible creatives who produce quality content AND gain huge exposure to a very engaged audience. As far as gaining attention goes, it’s a no-brainer.

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