Rebuilding Laravel
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Rebuilding Laravel

Rebuilding Laravel

I am a huge fan of Laravel, and I use it for about 90% of the projects I am involved, both professionally and personally. Taylor Otwell has done an amazing job as developer and curator of the Laravel codebase.

That said, I would love to learn how it’s built. Not just the parts that make it uniquely Laravel, but the core components and concepts that power modern PHP frameworks.

With that in mind, I am starting a series which looks as how these components are built and then explains how to build functionally similar components. I may finish it up by putting them together in a framework context and build one or two apps using that framework. This will take a long time.

I have no interest in building a better Laravel. My efforts (and those of other developers with enough time) would be far better spent contributing to Laravel. I have no interest in gathering a following for any new framework, or for it being used in production applications. My main goal for this entire series will be to learn and to teach.

I’m talking about rebuilding, as a mechanic carefully deconstructs an engine so he can understand and work on the parts.

Composer installs version 4.1.27 at the time of writing.

I will update the list below, as new articles are published.

I have launched and Rebuilding Laravel to mirror this work.



A collection of posts about learning through reconstruction.

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