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Ready, Set, Zap!

Our Zaps are here! Using the passive yield technology, you can now win the Recharge token through our Zaps while securing lifelong income within the entire Recharge ecosystem!

With our Zaps release, we’re introducing a unique referral program that will reward you with a share of the fees generated by your referrals or other perks across all Recharge products forever! Currently they will earn you free entries to all Zaps you and your referral enter. With the upcoming Recharge Assets, you’ll also earn Bitcoin, stable-coins, BNB and more.

What are Zaps?

Zaps are truly random raffles powered by Chainlink’s VRF technology. By collaborating with Chainlink we can ensure that all winners are securely and randomly chosen, randomness is not something that can be handled securely within the blockchain and by integrating with Chainlink, we can provide verifiable random and decentralized Zaps.

Free tokens?!

Entering Zaps only cost the gas for the transaction, whether you are entering RCORE, Recharge or base divisions. If you’re lucky enough to get zapped you’re going to want to hold onto your winnings, once the V2 upgrades are out not only will you continue to earn passive yield but you’ll also get VIP perks such as free cross chain transfers and priority access to our exciting and unique NFT release!

By holding RCORE and R3FI, you will be able to enter all three Zap divisions. Are you lucky enough to win all three?

Zaps & Referrals

By referring friends to the free Zaps, you’ll not only gain extra entries for zaps that both you and your referrals enter, you’ll also earn lifelong rewards from your referrals’ activity within the Recharge ecosystem.

What’s next?

We’ve released our documentation detailing some of what’s coming with the Recharge Assets and it’s going to be exciting! We’ll be pushing out our multi assets bridge allowing you to move your tokens to your favorite chains with ease and by holding sufficient Recharge tokens, at no cost. With the rapid growth of DeFi applications across more and more networks, moving tokens across regularly can cost substantial fees.

Stay tuned for updates on our new Twitter account and in our Telegram.



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