Freddy the Greenhouse Frog Update 1

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4 min readOct 15, 2022


An update for his fans on how Freddy is doing October 15.

Freddy seems happy but a little skinny.. (Author’s photo)

This morning I was watering my lettuce in the greenhouse and Freddy appeared! He looks to be doing well. For sure there are many less sow bugs, ants, and spiders in the greenhouse than there were. Thanks Freddy!

It is still fairly warm so he’s probably not getting ready to hibernate yet. However, if he keeps eating the greenhouse bugs as fast as he has been, he may run out of food. He’s looking a bit skinny in the preceding picture. I hope it rains soon so he can go back outside!

Freddy checking to see if it is raining yet outside the greenhouse. (Author’s photo)

Our drought is continuing. Still no significant rain since about the third week of June; just about four months. So Freddy is sticking with the greenhouse were he can get water.

Here are a few more pictures of Freddy hamming it up for the camera:

(Author’s photo)
(Author’s photo)
(Author’s photo)

When he was done posing, he jumped up onto a lettuce plant to show how well he could hide.

Freddy hiding in the lettuce. (Author’s photo)
Close-up of Freddy in the lettuce. (Author’s photo)
Freddy’s final pose for the day. (Author’s photo)

Freddy says to say hello to all his fans!

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I wish to thank new people who recently chose to follow me and my writing. Your interest encourages me to continue writing. I hope you enjoy this new story.


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