Portrait of the Artist Roberta Guido as a Young Cloud

An interview, over email, with Roberta Guido about their ongoing work on the project VLX with slowdanger. Published here with illustrations I made in response to Roberta’s text. Created over several different days in December 2018.

JM: Portrait of the Artist as a Young _________
When you read that sentence, what do you most want to fill in that blank?
What do you feel like upon immediately reading that, or another way to
ask, what do you feel like today?
Let’s start there.

RG: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cloud. Today I feel permeable and floaty.

JM: What are ten things that you connect to the VLX work you are doing?
RG: Here are 10 things that feel connected to VLX for me right now.

  1. Constant surveillance for the sake of constantly being sold something.

2. Finding comfort in my own body. As resilience and resistance.

3. The faces I wear for the public and how they are true and untrue at the same time.

4. Relationship and vulnerability as a way through hardship.

5. Recognition of repeated thought process and how this shapes my own reality.

6. Beginnings and endings. Cycles of birth and decay

7. The naturalness of death.

8. Fear of the unknown.

9. Unfounded anxiety and worry.

10. Trying to control the uncontrollable

RG: And, I want to add some other thoughts. Here are a few images that stick with me from VLX.

I. My relationship with the others in the group, and Ru and I’s duet in finding/remembering our humanity in one another.

II. During my solo, a remembering of my humanity through the memory of feeling my heart floating and being held by my lungs. Also the memory of sand beneath my feet.

III. Being an observer of Simon, feeling as though I was an apparition with only the agenda of witnessing an unfolding.

IV. Being masked and feeling hidden. Also relying on my body to show feeling/emotion.

V. Coming to the frenzy at the end of it all ending and realizing all I wanted was to be the grounding. All I could say was “it’s all fine”. I felt like if the apocalypse comes I would probably be at peace. The chaos brings out a fervor and joy in me and then an acceptance. This was comforting.