Portrait of the Artist Ru Emmons as a Soft Animal

An interview, over email, with Ru Emmons about their ongoing work on the project VLX with slowdanger. I responded to their thoughts with my chalk wall drawings that became a video. This continual creative loop = art. Created over several different days in January 2019.

Portrait of the Artist as a soft animal.

Today I am feeling wild and free, outta range and outta my mind. Exhausted. Working best that way. Aggressively patient (with myself). Lovingly spacious. (I’d paint a circular gold thing with hands inside).

Ten Things I connect to VLX:
1. being a body in a disembodied world
2. information addiction, phone universe, internet propaganda
3. the crises that we create
4. ready for connection when it is ready for me
5. we ARE running out of time
6. being on display, all the time, grotesque and beautiful
7. clutching to each other, the only things that make sense
8. feeling like we’re following a nonsensical path and don’t see a way out
9. not following the path anyways, by accident
10. presenting oneself before understanding oneself

Additional Thoughts:
There’s something about reaching out without knowing what we need, and about giving when we don’t know quite what is needed; about reading the moment without thinking about it and working on building up our instincts in the meantime.