RECKONING Season 1 Episode 21/120


Ezekiel is watching the news on his laptop. He’s still trying to pull himself together from recent events. The footage on the screen shows the old warehouse, police cars that surrounded it, an ambulance, police officers who detained two paramedics and Dr. Murdock... A journalist is narrating the footage:

According to unofficial sources, the police received an anonymous tip about illegal organ trafficking. We don’t know yet know all the details, but what we can confirm right now is that at least three medical workers are suspected to be involved in these illegal activities. Again, nothing is officially confirmed, but it seems this is the beginning of the ending of the chain of illegal organ trade that the police has been investigating for quite some time. The police contacted the parents of two minors on which the operation should have been proceeded. Apparently, the parents made all the arrangements for the transplantation through intermediary and they have no information about who actually controls this whole organization, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to contribute to put an end to it ...

Ezekiel closes his laptop. He’s thinking, analyzing the situation. Then he calls someone:

It’s me. I need a favor.

MAN (O.S.)
I’m listening.

I assume you’ve seen the news. I have to be sure that none of this will be connected with me. One of them could give in under pressure and say something he shouldn’t.

MAN (O.S.)
I see. Consider it done. None of them will survive ‘till the morning. And what about the girls and their parents? Should they be eliminated too?

Ezekiel is considering what’s best to do. He rubs his forehead. Finally he says:

They are not a threat. They don’t know anything.

The conversation is over. Ezekiel puts his cell on the table, gets up and stands in front of the mirror. He looks very haggard. But this is just the beginning.

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