These Idaho legislators don’t support voter rights

Highlighting every Idaho legislator’s position on anti- voter initiative bills

Cameron Crow
Jun 8 · 4 min read

In the 2019, Idaho legislators introduced and passed Senate Bill 1159 and House Bill 296 to dramatically change Idaho’s ballot initiative rules, attempting to make it many times more difficult (essentially impossible) for voters to exercise their constitutional rights to pass law through the ballot.

This is a power that Idahoans need the ability to exercise if their elected leaders fail to represent their interests. Though Governor Little vetoed 1159, the future is far from secure. There is no doubt that Republicans will try again in 2020, and we need to hold them accountable.

Here’s a map showing how many legislators support Idaho voter rights in each district, and below’s a list showing each legislator’s position. Help us by posting a letter to a legislator from your district!

DOES NOT Support Voter Rights

District 1: Representative Sage Dixon (Rep)

District 2: Senator Steve Vick (Rep), Representative Vito Barbieri (Rep), Representative John Green (Rep)

District 3: Senator Don Cheatham (Rep), Representative Ron Mendive (Rep), Representative Tony Wisniewski (Rep)

District 4: Senator Mary Souza (Rep), Representative Jim Addis (Rep), Representative Paul Amador (Rep)

District 5:

District 6: Representative Thyra Stevenson (Rep), Representative Mike Kingsley (Rep)

District 7: Representative Paul Shepherd (Rep)

District 8: Senator Steven Thayn (Rep), Representative Terry F. Gestrin (Rep), Representative Dorothy Moon (Rep)

District 9: Senator Abby Lee (Rep), Representative Ryan Kerby (Rep), Representative Judy Boyle (Rep)

District 10: Senator Jim Rice (Rep), Representative Jarom Wagoner (Rep), Representative Greg Chaney (Rep)

District 11: Senator Patti Anne Lodge (Rep), Representative Scott Syme (Rep), Representative Tammy Nichols (Rep)

District 12: Senator Todd Lakey (Rep), Representative Robert Anderst (Rep), Representative Rick D. Youngblood (Rep)

District 13: Senator Jeff Agenbroad (Rep), Representative Brent Crane (Rep), Representative Gary E. Collins (Rep)

District 14: Senator C. Scott Grow (Rep), Representative Mike Moyle (Rep), Representative Gayann DeMordaunt (Rep)

District 15:

District 16:

District 17:

District 18:

District 19:

District 20: Senator Chuck Winder (Rep), Representative Joe Palmer (Rep), Representative James Holtzclaw (Rep)

District 21: Senator Regina M. Bayer (Rep), Representative Steven C. Harris (Rep), Representative Thomas E. Dayley (Rep)

District 22: Senator Lori Den Hartog (Rep), Representative John Vander Woude (Rep), Representative Jason Monks (Rep)

District 23: Representative Christy Zito (Rep), Representative Megan Blanksma (Rep)

District 24: Senator Lee Heider (Rep)

District 25: Senator Jim Patrick (Rep), Representative Laurie Lickley (Rep), Representative Clark Kauffman (Rep)

District 26:

District 27: Senator Kelly Anthon (Rep), Representative Scott Bedke (Rep)

District 28: Representative Randy Armstrong (Rep), Representative Kevin Andrus (Rep)

District 29:

District 30: Senator Dean Mortimer (Rep), Representative Gary L. Marshall (Rep), Representative Wendy Horman (Rep)

District 31: Senator Steven Bair (Rep), Representative Julianne Young (Rep)

District 32: Senator Mark Harris (Rep), Representative Marc Gibbs (Rep), Representative Chad Christensen (Rep)

District 33: Senator Dave Lent (Rep), Representative Barbara Ehardt (Rep), Representative Bryan Zollinger (Rep)

District 34: Senator Brent Hill (Rep), Representative Doug Ricks (Rep), Representative Britt Raybould (Rep)

District 35: Senator Van Burtenshaw (Rep), Representative Jerald Raymond (Rep), Representative Rod Furniss (Rep)

Supports Voter Rights

District 1: Senator Jim Woodward (Rep), Representative Heather Scott (Rep)

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:

District 5: Senator David Nelson (Dem), Representative Bill Goesling (Rep), Representative Caroline Nilsson Troy (Rep)

District 6: Senator Dan Johnson (Rep)

District 7: Senator Carl Crabtree (Rep), Representative Priscilla Giddings (Rep)

District 8:

District 9:

District 10:

District 11:

District 12:

District 13:

District 14:

District 15: Senator Fred S. Martin (Rep), Representative Steve Birch (Dem), Representative Jake Ellis (Dem)

District 16: Senator Grant Burgoyne (Dem), Representative John McCrostie (Dem), Representative Rob Mason (Dem)

District 17: Senator Maryanne Jordan (Dem), Representative John Gannon (Dem), Representative Sue Chew (Dem)

District 18: Senator Janie Ward-Engelking (Dem), Representative Ilana Rubel (Dem), Representative Brooke Green (Dem)

District 19: Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb (Dem), Representative Mathew Erpelding (Dem), Representative Melissa Wintrow (Dem)

District 20:

District 21:

District 22:

District 23: Senator Bert Brackett (Rep)

District 24: Representative Lance W. Clow (Rep), Representative Linda Wright Hartgen (Rep)

District 25:

District 26: Senator Michelle Stennett (Dem), Representative Muffy Davis (Dem), Representative Sally Toone (Dem)

District 27: Representative Fred Wood (Rep)

District 28: Senator Jim Guthrie (Rep)

District 29: Senator Mark Nye (Dem), Representative Chris Abernathy (Dem), Representative Elaine Smith (Dem)

District 30:

District 31: Representative Neil A. Anderson (Rep)

District 32:

District 33:

District 34:

District 35:

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Reclaim Idaho is a grassroots organization with over 2,000 volunteers in over 25 Idaho counties. We believe in the power of Idahoans, coming together, to tackle tough problems facing the state.

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Reclaim Idaho Blog

Reclaim Idaho is a grassroots organization with over 2,000 volunteers in over 25 Idaho counties. We believe in the power of Idahoans, coming together, to tackle tough problems facing the state.