Meet the PeopleWay

Transportation Alternatives developed the PeopleWay as a solution to the L train shutdown. It is a transportation system for hundreds of thousands of potentially stranded commuters, and a preventative measure for the gridlock that would result if all those train riders decided to drive. The idea is to redesign streets to prioritize efficiency. If a mode of transportation can move many people, like a bus, or move one person in a small space, like a bike, those efficient modes get priority. On a PeopleWay, private automobiles, which move very few people while taking up a lot of space, are lower on the totem pole.

Here’s one way a PeopleWay could look, and the number of people it could move, from the winner of TransAlt’s L-ternative Visions Design Competition earlier this year.


people on foot per hour with the addition of five new pedestrian malls for exercise and community events


cyclists per hour on a dedicated two-way protected bikeway with bike turning bays in the center of 14th Street


transit riders per hour on an on-street bus transit-way with bus stops that double as nighttime delivery zones

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