Turn Your Bike Commute into a Workout

Commuting by bike great exercise, but after a while, it’s just commuting. We asked Kym Nonstop — a former New York City bike messenger turned celebrity trainer, SoulCycle coach, and YouTube fitness star — how to pump up the volume on our daily ride to and from work. She came back with a get-fit workout perfect for summer that you can easily incorporate into your everyday bike commute. Are you ready to really bike to work?

Take the Long Way

Add some miles to your daily route. Detour through a park and do a few laps while you’re there. Or skip the most direct route in favor of a longer ride with fewer stops, like the West Side Highway or the Kent Ave protected bike lane.

Interval Training

If you’ve got gears on your bike, add a cadence drill for a few blocks. Drop to your easiest gear and pedal as hard as you can for 10 seconds. Then pedal normally or coast for 20 seconds. Repeat this 10 times to give your commute bonus burn.

Load Up

More pounds to pedal means increased effort and stronger legs. Use a car seat or bike trailer to drop the kids off at school. Pick up groceries on the way home. Save money and calories by packing and carrying your lunch.

No Comfort Zones

If you’re used to spinning your pedals, try shifting into your hardest gear and mashing for a mile of your commute. If you are a masher who likes to push heavy and pedal slow, try gearing down to spin more. Changing your pedaling routine is guaranteed to make your legs feel the burn.

Sleep In

Nothing will turn your commute into cardio better than being late!

Check out more workouts from Kym Nonstop at youtube.com/kymnonstop.
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