What’s Left to Be Done for #BikeNYC

In 1993, a small group of activists released a 160-page book about bicycling in New York City. They called it the Bicycle Blueprint. It remains the most ambitious proposal about urban cycling ever published.

When the Bicycle Blueprint was published in 1993, it came with 151 recommendations for improving cycling in New York. Today, most of those ambitions have been realized.

Here are a few that we are still waiting for:

› Reimburse city workers for use of private bicycles on city business
› Regularly disseminate statistics to dispel the impression that cyclists cause a large numbers of crashes
› Create a cycling loop in Flushing Meadow Park around the two lakes and the perimeter of the park
› Deploy human-powered cargo cycles in the expanding curbside recycling program
› Adopt a curriculum for elementary school bicycle education, emphasizing the environmental and social advantages of cycling over driving
› Upgrade bicycle facilities in Gateway National Park by creating a cycling path in Jamaica Bay, and a velodrome and BMX course in Floyd Bennett Field

Check out all 151 recommendations from the 1993 Bicycle Blueprint (and its original 1999 website format) at transalt.org/blueprint.

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