A Humble Request From One Writer To Another To Perhaps

Rice feeds much of the world. Here’s a bag I upcycled with a gorgeous giraffe print and metal accessories.

Dearest Alto,

Nice to see photos of Moseley. I want a dog so much.

Thank you so much for the mention; I value your judgement enormously and love your writing.

I feel priveliged to be included in this invitation.

This is the most heartfelt piece I have written so far on Medium. I spent many, many hours and days writing it. It’s my most important story; it shows who I am, in a not-neccessarily-pretty sort of way.

This article by clothilde changed me inside and also made me long to have a bigger nose:

Now I understand why people were raving about this writer, Holly Wood when I came to Medium back in March:

Here’s another one of her articles, hot off the press, where she invites you to apologize in writing to your children for creating the America of today:

Oh, and while I’ve got your attention, I’d like to recommend this SNL sketch:

The worst is when you catch yourself being Penelope.

Oh, one more wonderful fresh point of view, from Rachel Syme celebrating selfies. It’s a long read (1 hour) but worth every second:

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