Creative Triggers Remind You To Do Something

Simple signals linked to a mental to do list

Open the snap / Place bracelet or watch on the other hand
Change position of clip / Tie knot in rope

This simple method requires your brain to do most of the work. You have to remember what needs to happen while the objects are visual reminders that whisper, “Hey, something should happen now.” Remember to ______ when you take your keys or wallet out of your pocket. When you notice your watch is on the “wrong” hand or the rope in your pocket has a knot in it, that’s when you manually search the folder in your head to retrieve the information you previously encoded as: IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER.

The inner dialogue.

“This (fun/cute/ever-present) object, reminds me to…”
  • Start my TO DO LIST. (To remember a list you can use mnemonic devices such as acronyms, alliteration, and rhyme.)
  • Turn off the oven (Maybe don’t leave that to chance…)
  • Email Frank Germin about the 97th annual Halloween party. (Gonna be a hit.)
  • Make a comic.

Possibilities are endless!

Note: You can use any object that communicates a change. (ON/OFF, YES/NO, UP/DOWN etc.)

Let me know if you use something else!


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